Music Theory for GUITAR #1: Major Scales

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I started a Patreon so I can bring you more lessons while I’m working on the next YouTube series! I have uploaded a lot of music theory whiteboard sessions already and I’m planning more.

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In this lesson I walk you through the basic building blocks of music theory:
•Whole steps
•Half steps
•The Major Scale formula (WWHWWWH)

We go through how to makes scales on piano and how piano compares to guitar.

This also helps you understand the difference between sharps and flats.


Willie Lee says:

Good explanation make sense, brilliant guitar tutorial.

Saiko Tv says:

Why does C doesn't have Flat or sharp?

Earl Manly says:

very well done. you explain it very well and i love all the small details and background music. please keep making vids. i love all your vids, the ones that i've seen at least.

Bruno Fernandes says:

Omfg , dude you are a genius ! I cant believe i just understand all this theory !

Beef Wellington says:

First teacher that’s made theory make sense

Ljay Simon says:

Great teacher.

Aaronarra of High Moor says:

Woah! Mind = blown. Once Again. (The first time was when you explained how a scale shape can be both the major scale of one note and the minor scale of another note.) You sir are a teacher. An amazing one! Any good guitar player can give lessons. Good teachers make lessons understandable. I realized I don't hate music theory as much as I thought. I hate how some people explain the theory in ways that are not easily understandable at the student's level. A good teacher is able to go back down to the level of the student. A bad teacher stays at their own level and wonder why the student has a blank stare on their face. I would love to subscribe to your Patreon if you could have a few tiers so people could give in line with what they can afford. As it is, it's a bit out of my range for a non-necessity. I really hope you keep producing free content!

Andrew Ochen says:

Brilliant lesson Scott Paul! Best lockdown refresher on music theory for guitar…!!!

Jude Malo says:

Keep putting out content!!

Jude Malo says:

Thank you for this

Prashant Majhi says:

Sir…can you make CAGED lesson in major scale…

abdennour elhadda says:

this guy is a legend

Bobby Howell says:

Young man! I'm 66 years old and I have played guitar since I was a kid but I never understood the guitar the way I should. Thanks to you I'm beginning to see some light on how this is supposed to work. I'm looking forward to using your invaluable video lessons to help me improve my playing. I have looked at tons of YT lessons that left me scratching my head. So very glad I found your videos! Thank you very much for your time that you have invested in these lessons to share with the music world!

Mayland Fang says:

coffeed already.

Joseph Phiri says:

@Scott Paul Johnson…You are the BEST! Tell you what , i ve grabbed a couple of guitar lessons from Youtube, but you way too different. Your clarity and simplicity is amazing . Please consider doing another video on chord progressions and minor scales. If possible, tag me PLEASE!

Nigel Rees says:

You are an awesome teacher.

Bala CV says:

Great! Just subscribed to your patreon Channel

Gemma Lewis says:

you're the best, thank you so much

Ken Will says:

Holy crap! Excellent explanation. I just learned so much. Can you make a video strumming chords than adding in brief licks, phrases or cool solos? Please.


You are great teacher. But can you keep all the lessons in a linear order making a album type in playlist

Pabitra Kayal says:

You are a very generous person sahring such an intriguing lessons. Cudos to you sir.

kamran rezaie says:

Owe you big time

Isabella Del Castillo says:

yes please make a video about chords in a major key! actually, please make any video because they're all incredible! You are a literal guitar angel.

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