Music Theory For Beginners

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Since I’m not used to recording myself talking to the camera, it was really awakard doing this. I’m sure there will be lots of mistakes when I’m speaking or you may not even understand my words properly. So if you have any doubts, do let me know in the comments below.
Anyways, hope you learn something out of this.


Shameek D says:

Sharp and flat means 1/2 step or semitone.

yongs Ahnghu naga says:


Hamei Langwar says:

Sir please upload the exercise lesson lead

Atsung Longchar says:

Next video please do a beginners guide to reading Notes from a Church Hymn book.

Soneisan koren says:

Very helpful ! Lots of LOVE from Manipur ❤️

Shahly ngonyen says:

Thank you so much odi
"God raises the humble".
God bless you more .

Shayo Phom says:

i always love ur band ..lord of rock

Imli borah says:

Aacha so this is where all those magic comes from ! Keep up the good work themba .

meme says:

Wow great lesson.

Can you help me understand what is improvised or improvisation?
Does it mean rewriting and playing someone's music on your own, or does it mean playing at spot without preparations. Please!

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