Music Theory 101 Part 1A

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For the next set of videos on music theory and harmonizing scales and more, please go to and subscribe to online lessons. WHERE’S PART 2? READ THIS AGAIN!
For the next set of videos on music theory and harmonizing scales and more, please go to and subscribe to online lessons. IF YOU ARE ASKING AGAIN ABOUT WHERE PART 2 IS – READ THIS AGAIN!
For the next set of videos on music theory and harmonizing scales and more, please go to and subscribe to online lessons.


Ethan Ordorica says:

So I have to pay $560 to watch the rest of these music theory videos? This was extremely helpful, but there's no way I'm paying that high of a price for information

sasmatic says:

thanks man you are amazing. this has help me so much you would not b minor

Jordan Judice says:

dude, been performing orchestral music since i was a kid and have recently been taking strides to translate this to guitar and bass so i watched this as a refresher to get my head back into it and NO ONE has made more sense while explaining this…sad part is i'm literally guilty of EVERY SINGLE, "but wait a minute man"

Liz Medina Chiomenti-Kibble says:

People who don't follow steps always screw it up… so true. I write process documents and anytime people skip shit, they mess it up and it doesn't work. Lol

Boštjan Mejak says:

What major key are we in if we have only 1 flat in the stave? You said "second to last", but there's only 1 flat. So, does this flat alone reveal the major key that we're in?

Kailjiin says:

i thought A Sharp didnt exist
its B flat isnt it

Jose Camacho says:

Thank you, amazing video, extremely helpful!

Dil Bahadur says:

thank you very much
.your this lesson is awesum

CallMeFullMetal says:

im guessing im way before a beginner, because I dont have a clue what he means by half and whole steps

Peter Ruzzo says:

4th flats–Father Bought Everyone A Dark Green Chubby Frog.

MrStewbee says:

Thank you.. been studying flute for years.. You explained it so clearly.. I finally am beginning to get it.

Miguel Coral says:

Thank you for taking the time and teaching people who want to learn the theory like me, I know that where I go for guitar lessons they just teach us the songs and not the fundamentals and I'm really excited to go through all your videos and learn this stuff!

dcgfhgjnzgfnjcbgn says:

I like how your imitation of all of your students is condescending as fuck. It really makes me want to be a student of yours.

Lionel Moss says:

I can't thank you enough for this lesson. My only wish is that I could afford to carry on with your theory lessons.  If only my music teachers of more than 55 years ago had your abilities, I may well have continued my musical education. I thought at that time that I was just to stupid. Now at more than 70, I have decided to give it another go with the guitar. This lesson in and of itself will help me greatly.

Cdmbr says:

I always felt like music theory was a topic of insurmountable complexity that I'd never manage to understand, but your in-depth instruction blew that away. Thank you Mr.Brown!

H Kay says:

Why so many thumbs down people ? Pebber is tops.Thank you Mr Brown.

John Smith says:

What if i don't know my abc's yet?

bourbonz caches says:

love the way you write.

waywardsatyr says:

My music theory is a very, very rusty 3rd grade level, so I'm sure this is common knowledge to most, but.. why is it only a half step from E to F and B to C? If it's a full step from one letter to a next, why are those special?

Nathaniel Andrews says:

This video is gold. Pebber is great. Can't thank him enough for publishing this stuff. There is no better explanation or video on this subject than what he is presenting here.



William Journell says:

Hi Pebber, thank you for this video! You really do an amazing job explaining something clearly that my current professor doesn't explain very well (in all fairness, though, she is the one who referred us to this video)! Well done! PS. I reluctantly have to agree w/ some folks about background noise/throat clearing, etc- it doesn't bother me nearly as much as some of those nuts, but it is fairly distracting from what's otherwise an exceptionally informative vid! (only reason I bring it up is b/c there are ways you can easily edit these out- let me know if u'd like me to send you vid) Anyway, thanks again- you rock!

lance1283 says:

If you're so good at theory, What pitch is that humming throughout the vid?

takeitindballs says:

You under stand that they can not be no sharp when 2 of the 3 flats that are relatives of the non-sharp i.e., flat relative's minor of the inverse key, so it make you easier if I determine the 3rd degree of the relative's major in stead, then remember as Pebber, didn't he say? that it's 1/2 step from the last's sharp and remember the shift you did, herebye or therebye too, if your there, and double that and find the 4th, except instead of the 2nd to last, you now have to pick the 3rd and this is 10x quickerer to find the sharps in the most dissonanting key.  It's little secret that few masters know.  This is how you get to compose masterpiss and be better than even Chopping.

HigherPlanes says:

Hello, I'm starting out with guitar. Why do keys have sharps or flats in the particular order that you mentioned? I know it's because of the circle of fourths and fifths, but is it also because it they sound good in that particular order? I just learned America the Beautiful and I know there's one F# in there. And it happens to be the first # in the order of sharps. So if I understand this correctly, that song could not have been written, say for example, with a E# as the only sharp in the song? Thanks!

trevinia turner says:

you shouldn't mock your students because music theory can be very tricky but besides that great video.

LifeHasLived says:

Is this brules rules? Sounds just like em

Kyle Leggat says:

Your confusing the crap out of me

Kyle Leggat says:

How come that a and b is not a half step

chriss1152 says:

Can this be used for tenor saxophone as well please respond back

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