Music Producer Marketing and Business Strategy That WORKS

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Watch me interview Henny Tha Business
part 1)
part 2)
Part 3)

Music marketing, branding and business strategy to grow your fanbase and control your career.


Horiizon says:

This is great. One of the top marketing tricks is having fellow producers work together by supporting eachothers posts. We do this by creating group chats and sending a message whenever we post so we all can go like and comment. Message @horiizonbeats to get an invite!

Alex Amor says:

I'm just an icon living. It's stuck in my head now.

Philippe Bonhomme says:

Thank you again for another informative video- your content is always Dope!

Uthix says:

Hey sean can u tell a marketing strategy for an edm producer who does not have a manager 🙂

Monty Datta says:

Damn I needed this

Eli Young says:

How much should you split with your partner?

Jeff Trinkle says:

just because a producer is successful doesn't mean they are a super producer. there's only a few, yall gotta stop calling regular producers super

Jeff Trinkle says:

Dr.Dre is a super producer. Diddy is a super producer. This guy, as good as he maybe is, is not a super producer.

barlitx$ productions says:

and shout out henny!!

barlitx$ productions says:

i really fw this ideaaa!

Mickvlo says:

Awesome Collaboration

EK Mixed That says:

Facts that’s how my audio mixing team got started

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