Music Marketing Strategies: How To Turn Strangers Into Fans Effortlessly: Music Marketing

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metapsallo says:

Redirected vocals and pixels,and then erases accounts.

metapsallo says:

It’s using others Browser’s.

metapsallo says:

Just use searches//for it’s all on someone’s applications and or filters.

metapsallo says:

Maybe someone is “Slicing audio!” Many a pirate is doing such things.

Tonmoy Hasan says:

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metapsallo says:

Hence most people are not stars! Hence learn some morals too.

metapsallo says:

Man why do music so called “Publisher’s, use that cursed word ‘Solicit?’ ” It’s used against those with no “Band!” Or Composer’s like myself,and then,given to someone else without my permission?And they make a “DEMO.” And play it,everywhere on tv?That will take your companies existence right?

Lyrical D says:

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jah hustle says:

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G Jocker says:


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MrPropaMusic says:

ok but how do u get a fan base

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