Music Marketing Secrets | Get Your First 500 Fans In 30 Days

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In order to have success as a music producer, recording artist, youtuber, or writer we have to grow an audience which can be frustrating when first getting started. Not knowing how or where to find your first 500 fans can be pretty discouraging, but once you understand the proven formula of growing your fan base you’ll have no problem gaining tons of new fans in no time. Stop banging your head against the wall and start building a fan base. In this video I break down my proven strategy for growing an audience in 30 days.

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Grant Clark says:

Hello AdamIvy, I am a relatively new producer and I wanted to thank you for these helpful videos.

juri hees says:

thx for giving game for free buddy

Phoenix Reventon says:

Hey Guys, would you listen to my first track and tell me what you think:

Spirit says:

What Adam said about money and time changed my life

Mr93More says:

Who wants to collab? I make edm mostly 😀

Adam Wakely says:

I like your videos and great info and yes I subscribed.
Yes gotta give to receive.
My question Adam Ivy is giving support to another music artist and getting back is one thing but what about finding also just music 'fans' I mean the ones who are not music artists just lovers of music. Thanks.

OUTSS1 says:

This is a nice reminder that I am doing the right thing so far

Jahfurnace says:

thats some interesting ways for marketing Nowadays! but for me as long as you're making great music that will never dies and having the best of quality sound people will always love that music. And thats what I`ve been suching for all alone in a long time so I can be independent. Then here comes the genre, what type of music you make!!! cause they got different people loving different music, so if you can make different types! good for you just make sure to register your project/product cause it`s all digital…, and for hanging out! I hang out with everybody weather you're Broke, aint got clothes/shoes whatever am a person human being Living for the creator/Nature not for people…, Rastafarai

iamperico TV says:

great info bro! keep doing your thing!

Y.a.n.a says:

Hi Adam, I've wanted to start a Youtube channel for so long and your channel has really inspired me to just do it and put myself out there. Thank you for sharing your content with the world!

If you are a musician posting covers and aspiring to post originals, I would love to work on building our channels together! Comment on this post so I can check out your channel-I would love to find like-minded musicians to collaborate with! Have a great day 🙂

Untrue Sounds says:

As far i found these groups on fb nad g+, they are full with promotions like you talking about. Everyone just linking their music into them but never pay attention to others. Maybe just found the wrong ones 🙂

Brodacious says:

I appreciate these videos you put out.

Jonas Geertsen says:

Hi Adam, I love your videos, they are very inspiring and educating, 🙂 I am musician myself and dreaming of going somewhere with my music. – Jonas

Az Haz says:

Got dem auralexes

Marin Pavešić says:

You are great!

Rolando Mota says:

Everyone subscribe to my cousins' Chanel #SuicidalHustlers , He's thee anti mumble movement

Goofey Grim Tales says:

What inspires you to continue being a producer. And the second question, When do you know when to try something different. For example. I'm an artist. My name is Goofey Grim. I post my music with a picture symbolizing the song. Should I change to something different?

Unzyme says:

Hey Adam! I appreciate the tips. Could you give us a few examples of the relationships you've built this way?

Squalley from Philthy Basement Productions says:

How can I get one of those shirts?

Adam Colan says:

Haha! "No! I didn't get an email" 😀 Adam this is very helpful video but the last part was the best, sorry 😉

Eddie Atoms says:

Adam, I subscribed to your channel a few months back, and I thank you for what you're doing to help artists build fan bases. This is so helpful. A lot of the things you're saying are so important to learn. Over the past 10 months or so I've learned a lot about things I need to be doing and the way to go about it and my mindset has changed. I've learned from several people and just from doing research but you continue to be a serious help.

jordan fiction says:

Yoooo interact wit a kiiidd

Numen Música says:

I have a question hopefully you can answer before sunday. What advice would you give a singer before his first big gig (around 1.500 people) I´m really nervous and wanted to know what tips you could give me. Thanks awesome channel !!!!!

Numen Música says:

I found this video just as i´m preparing for a really big show, I´ll be singing in front of 1.500 people this sunday nad i´m hopping this will elevate my carrer, and I can say for sure everything you said applies and it´s true because i´ve been living it for the last month. Thank you for your videos and helping so many people

TN says:

Okay like the ending. I legit deleted my comment because I thought it would be under the wrong video. Well I'm trying to find out what you planning on selling next. Also since I have minimal space I need a smaller desk what would u recommend?

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