Music Marketing Final Frontier – “Flash” Your Fans The Best Assets – TalkMusicBiz Swan Song

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Close – How To Marketing Your Music Today – 2009 – Well folks I’m going to make this the last video from TalkMusicBiz becuase …


BrandonJoshuaMusic says:

get to the point

Jayson Anderson says:

seriously dope bruh!

bigboy bogbiy says:

I creamed everywhere while watching this

SayARyder says:

your a genius

vonderekjr says:


atreyufan600 says:

yeah good point. Keep up the vids! I’m an avid viewer!

TalkMusicBiz says:

Yes, you are right. But the thought behind the Flash Drive is that “it” has a cool factor and a re-use value. On could only hope…..

atreyufan600 says:

Here’s the dilemma. I’m a junior in high school and I make my own music, videos, etc. (check my other channel DrewLowryProductions) And from a kid’s perspective, which is very useful these days, I know high schoolers would instantly pull the “hey pass me the flash drive next so I can upload stuff”. It’s a phenomenal idea for widespread marketing, but falls short on profit (my opinion, you don’t need to agree at all). Thanks! And check the channel I posted, I could use some sub’s!

RealBill MME says:

EXACTLY! i’ve thpught of his before and been trying to fugure out how to do it right..wish i could give them a away to pllay it in their carthis way like a cd tho

GeebzTV says:

Google “custom jump drives”

Jihad Powell says:

where to buy them tho

WraitheChilde says:

This is a huge idea for getting a new band out there and promoting new material.

erikzappc says:

mann this is sooooo smart! thanks for this!

Fabs3 says:

actually a brilliant idea. I stumbled across this looking for ideas to promote my music..

kingraisin says:

damn, that’s a great idea! i almost feel like you should’ve kept that one for yourself so you could profit off of it by patenting it or something (cuz it IS a conceptual invention) but i also think it’s very noble of you to share it with the world so that more people can gain from it- thanks!

jmon51342088 says:

It’s a brilliant Idea, the only Flaw (For me) Is I wouldn’t purchase it myself because I always buy my CD’s, don’t get me wrong its a really good idea, I think this would be great for small time bands, I don’t think pop artists would need it because the market is really good for them. Be cool if you could get this with merchandise after a gig or something…like with a couple of tracks on or something

TalkMusicBiz says:

thank you…..hope it helps you out!

TalkMusicBiz says:

Thank you very much….

TalkMusicBiz says:

Great forward thinking!!!

invisigal2002 says:

Love this video. And what about this: For those fans who have already bought the $20 loaded zip drive, they can bring their empty drives to a live show, stop by the merch booth afterwards and load that night’s live show onto their zip! : )

I am also exploring the models of subscription services for the website, to give the fan more content.

Uhoh2012Productions says:

That REALLY is an incredible idea. And I’m impressed that you just gave it out. I’m subscribing. I’ll post on my bands website as well. We’ve got tons of bands that see it. Great job guy! 5/5

SplitGenetics says:

honestly brilliant. Not only doing it for our band passed it on to our managers out in cali. thanks a ton!

SplitGenetics says:

hes saying at that point we want piracy it would be a huge promotion and with whaqt they are selling at that point people would be paying for all the music the videos the pics the links and then a flashdrive with thier new fave band on it. flash drives are reusable theyde sell like hot cakes. lol hot cakes..

funlivelife says:

Also, this is a gre8 idea of promoting your band in Colleges and Universities whenever you do a show!

funlivelife says:

Any copying is more publicity initially!

funlivelife says:

Wanna promote your band…learn how to suck a cock!

Natalie Spa says:

Kind of reminds me of a Flash interactive cd rom I made for a band once with graphic art/photos and video.. what I’d like to know is how, with the thumb drive, to prevent unauthorised copying..

Lindsay Alward says:

gee i remember coming and seeing one of your videos long time ago!

marketing is hard work….learned that already lol

well if im not already subbed to you i will be in about 3 minutes

i am self promoting(just my family and myself for now and could use a few tips)

ill check your videos first!

lpslostagain says:

im so doing this on my next CD thank you for helping my music

TalkMusicBiz says:

True point there. But there’s no personal re-use value to a DVD for the fan. Whereas the flash drive has other uses beyond the preloaded content. It’s just another way in my thought process to give the fan a longer lasting value to a buy……

NathanLee0921 says:

I can do the same thing with a DVD (about $1.00). Compressed Mp3, Music Videos, Pictures, etc. It is a great video, but CD have been in people’s heart. Can’t really take that down. Would be hard if someone try. Maybe I should try. Hmmm….

paul fogarty says:

(…continued) …Oh yeah, plus reviews, plus radio interviews, guitar lessons, what gear you use, how to get gigs… the whole deal. Cheers.

paul fogarty says:

Aaaaaarggghhhhhhh!!!! Stop it!!!
No, seriously though. Great ideas. I’ve had the same idea, really focused on Mp3 type players when they started to get cheap a couple years back. You could load stacks of songs, different versions of the same songs, acoustic versions, full band sound, jazzier interpretations, plus photos, videos, videos of how the videos are made, blogs, industry advice, tips, songwriting tips, guitar tabs, just everything… yeah… well I have subscribed. Count me in.

MyAngel2020 says:

You’ve got great tips, I hope you’ll keep going with your videos.

MyAngel2020 says:

You can google it with like “custom flash drives”. There are a lot of companies out there just like the people who make tshirts and cups and such.

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