MultiTap Delay MEGA Walkthrough #cubase #multitapdelay #stockplugins

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#cubase #multitapdelay #stockplugins #delay
Highly requested by YOU guys, here’s a MEGA Walkthrough for MultiTap delay!

00:00 :Intro
01:17 : The Basics
08:00 : The different Delay flavours, from Tape to Digital to 80’s
09:46 : Designing your Taps
12:50 : Making your Delays Wide
13:51 : Ducking
17:33 : Loop Effects
21:50 : Tap Effects (craziness!)
25:34 : Post Effects and Vocal ambient hugeness
26:42 : Examples Vocals/Guitar

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Konstantinos Konst says:

Awesome. Just fixed my Artist version to Pro 10,5 sitting down here and following up on this vid. Thank you very much. Σ ευχαριστώ πολύ

MG Rizzello says:

enjoyed your videos… you looks so amazed working with this plugins 🙂

Jens Haberkorn says:

Super explained, as always. Your explanations are so much
better and above all
more musical than
many that are offered for money.

Smashgate Productions says:

I'm convinced! Great tutorial, as always. And again you showed me not to ignore the Cubase stock plug-ins. Thanx Dom!!

Matt Grou says:

Thank you! I can't believe I have not yet used that awesome plugin! Just watching your happy face is convincing.

Rex Perreira says:

It's in my Artist version as well, oooh la laaa!!!

Don Arbas says:

Like always a great Tutorial by Dom and have to say that this is The best Software Delay PERIOD ! Just love it and want to thank Steinberg for adding it on the new Cubase Pro 10.5 Update

DRG says:

Can we use it as a ping ponh delay?

Gotyor says:

wicked, i need to dive into that. amazing flexibility. should spark some ideas

luke williams says:

Dom- do you offer mixing services ?

Scott MacLean says:

Love it, Dom. I've never used half the features in this, I will do now!

Carsten Saager says:

Reset Delay with high feedback is a killer

Lewis Knudsen says:

Literally forgot this was in my 10.5 update, THANK YOU!

Mariusz Bibik says:

Great, thank you 🙂 I would like to ask what headphones do you use on this vid?

Станислав Р. says:

Dom Sigalas, thanks for the awesome review. The quality of this new stock Cubase plug-in is amazing. Please tell me if you like EchoBoy?

Станислав Р. says:

Cubase Amazing Daw

lloydbrownmusic says:

The 'dealmaking' plug-in that made me upgrade to Cubase 10.5 – Nice one Dom

Hagen Presser says:

Great job as always, Dom

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