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Part 3 of 7 – When using compression in your mix where should you set the threshold? And what is the best ratio for your track? The answer is counterintuitive.

Today I’m going to show you that the numbers don’t matter – the meters do!


Jake Sharp (ProfoundStudio) says:

Another great one Graham thanks!

Oluwatobi Gbadamosi says:

Thank you for taking your time out to put these videos up. Thanks to you my mixing and production has improved drastically.

Ivonne cafena says:

Very helpful! You are really good at explaining things! Thank you so much !!

Nagu Asd says:

Amazing series! Although I find it really hard to notice the differences, I had to hear it several times at max volume to do so, I guess I need to train my ears! ^^ Thank you for all this, is helping a lot!

Quincy Kane Morris says:

On a project I was working on recently, I had the threshold set to 0 but I was still getting gain reduction; anybody know why that might be? (I was using amp simulators with the electric guitar going in direct.)

Eve Ernsta says:

Would you consider doing a tutorial video on using a vocal processing unit (hardware) in the studio… is it possible to record vocals into a daw (dry) and than play the track through the processor on to another track wet? I have been wanting to learn this process for a long time… and would really appreciate it! great video btw

JohnCore101 says:

Graham. Thank you for your videos. It seems that you address every problem that I have with compression. Your explanations are spot on and really helpful.

Josh Quarles says:

Kissing it with a compressor. :)

GARRY E SHEPARD Jr. (Ctpsalmist) says:

Bro your a life saver thank you for this I got a better understanding now

Funzgunz fingerhappy says:

you are a good teacher

DavinX Music says:

These two parameters have never been so clear.. As always thanks Graham :D

Mike Luke says:

Great one, thanks for that, Graham. As I understand the settings, I'd like to see kind of a tutorial series on how to use compression in a creative way. You know, when studying mixing tipps and techniques, barely no one talks about a compressor to actually bring down the volume (though that's what it's doing literally). All you hear and read is about the results of using compression, like "I want to make the snare fatter" or "I want to have the vocals more upfront" or "I want my toms to have more body" – but none of these sentences lead to volume reduction at all and that threw me off when I started, to be honest. I think I get the point meanwhile (because you shape the wave form of an audio signal), but would love to see some videos like this. Using compression to shape the sound.

Nando Peyton says:

Hey graham. Seeing that you have this gentle compression approach. Do you use compression in all the tracks?

Nando Peyton says:

Hey graham. Seeing that you have this gentle compression approach. Do you use compression in all the tracks?

Tyler Schubert says:

Once again thank you!

BhProp says:

Wish my DAW (Reaper) had in/out meters next to each other on the compressor screen, would make it easier to match them

adel garvin says:

nice video Graham, but i have one question, is subtle compression better than just smashing the ratio at 6 db or so?

TriScore says:

you are the Hero of EQ

Mike Baccheschi says:

So if compression is basically a "normalizing" the volume on a track why are there so many different compressors available? Can you explain the difference between compressors and what makes one better than any other?

Zack8133 says:

thanks for another great video! I was just messing with my presonus compressors last night. And just like your description says, it's all about the meters not the numbers… I hardly even look at the numbers. I just watch the meter and listen while adjusting until it's right

J. M. Faupel says:

Graham is so polite haha. Even to his "little compressor man" he says, "PLEASE, compress more of the audio."

Laszlo Harsanyi says:

These compression series are awesome Graham! 😉 This is a well-needen topic, personally I struggled for years (not kidding) until figuring out how compression actually works! Still have some gaps, but that's why I'm so happy about this series 😉 Keep it comin'!

M I S E R Y C H O R D says:

Thank you so much. It's really helpful.

FrozenBreaks says:

thank you – love you :P

Henry Lehtovirta says:

I like this song very much, but when you use it as a mixing example in a lot of your tutorials, it gets kind of boring.

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