Mixing Hip Hop Vocals in Pro Tools With Waves Plugins (V-COMP)

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Dj Jake says:

Would love you to check out my videos and tell me what you guys think! i know im not rlly good but i love tips and tricks too! check it out peoples!~

7vnseal says:

I tried doing bus etc Just felt weird to me doing it lol.. Don’t ask me why To ME this is easy and I know how to control everything on that angle. I might try getting back into it again as far as busing so to speak but I guess I’m just stuck in my ways when it comes to my method.

Kris Klekosky says:

Have you tried to send your vocals to a bus instead of bouncing them down? That way you can always change levels or settings later without having to keep bouncing again.

JosteeloTv says:

Like this video I subbed you. Nice work

7vnseal says:

even if u don’t got v comp series or waves u can use stock protools eq comp etc but use the plugin in chain and get as close as u can to my settings … 7vnseal.com u will hear how my sound is madd clear and crisp… say by by to 60hr$ studios sessions u can do it urself… Jesus loves you art! I left the world to follow the Christ and now i use hip hop as a tool to preach the Gospel in Holiness amen… let me know if u need anything else..

7vnseal says:

Peace wut up Arthur… I just did quick review on my mic pre was thinking about doing the mastering video.. but if u follow this process this is the last stop before it goes into the mastering suite with ozone advance etc.. love that master suite! worth it!!! I was like how come there aint no videos for hip hop on v comp.. love v comp so im like yo it’s time lol.. this is my process.. though setting slightly will vary per artist but follow this set up on plugin chain..

arthur williams says:

I watch a lot of videos. I bought a lot of videos. but out of everything I seen this is the best. I also do godly and party music. thank you 4 your time putting this together . will you do a video with your mastering process.

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