Mixing Chords And Licks to Create Songs Guitar Lesson | Music Theory Workshop

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Steve Stine Guitar Lessons says:


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Alonso Santos says:

Sem tab? Not

Todd Smythe says:

Great string skipping lesson, this type of riff and it’s variations makes for an awesome warmup exercise as well… what a great way to play a chord. Thx Steve you’re a gem

Justin Robinson says:

7d 9d 7g 9d 7d 10b 7b 9d 7b 9d 7d 8b 7b 9d 7b 9d…. 7d 9d 7g blah blah blah??? Steve that right?!?

superHAPPYrocks says:

Duuuuude~! At the end when you played that chunky rhythmic chord progression I decided to try harmonizing the little noodling lead a diatonic third up and it sounded SO BADASS!
TRY THIS! Dude, thats a killer hook with that harmony in there!

e ——————10————-12-(h)-10———-10——————12-(h)-10——–10——-}]
b——————————————————————————————————————–}] (rinse and repeat)

Ana Guerrinha says:

yeah man, I always end this videos with a smile and ready to practice. such a cool riff

Lisa Rush says:

Great lesson, thanks. The intro is reminding me a bit of the "Speak" (Queensryche) intro.

Rainier Trebuchet says:

Helps a lot for extending my ideas respectively creating my own songs. Thank you very much and best regards from Germany.

Daz Leach says:

Guitar tuition doesn’t come any better that Steve

Aidan Stewart says:

Man Steve you got the makings of an awesome Song in this Opening.

J J TOKYO says:

great lesson

Paul Allison says:

Sounds great

God Music Army says:

love it thanks Steve Stine

Pritam Das says:

Love this leak❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️…. I'm falls in love with this leak….ahaa….

Jeremy Marlow says:

Straight gold

T says:

Wow I've been trying this backwards with coming up with the chords first and it did not go well. Thanks for the tip Steve

harry glenn says:

The first chords sound a bit like morning glory by oasis

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