Mix Template Series — Stereo Buss Processing (Part 2)

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Download the mix templates ➥ http://mixtutorials.co/templates // In this video, David Glenn gives you an updated stereo buss masterclass on steroids // Part 1 of The Mix Template Series: https://youtu.be/AVDUunLvCco // More videos on stereo buss processing: http://bit.ly/buss-processing


The Pro Audio Files says:

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. Also, don't forget to thumbs up if you're enjoying the series so far 🙂

Gmann1111 says:

Abelton date?

Jay RUKAS says:

This is extremely helpful series, thank you Davis, I really appreciate it!

stupidusername38 says:

Hi Dave, is the Presonus Studio One 3 mix template ready yet?

Gianluca Gigliotti says:

Thanks for sharing indeed!
I have a question about gain staging. The -15 that you say to point to is RMS, right? Do you see it in your meters or one by one with the "levels" plugin..?
I work in Reaper and it has a nice feature that brings all tracks to the LUFS that you input..so it adjusts the gain based on the starting point..quite handy and fast!

Ati Shephard says:

Thanks David! This video series is very helpful.

0nick4708 says:

This series is amazing! Thanks David!

tyshawn jackson says:

This is exactly what I've been looking for! Good shit bro can't for the next video.

Flexsolar says:

Do one for FL Studio 12 :]

Dan Johnson says:

I know it's a matter of taste, but I like the OH to get crushed in the drum parallel. I will try bussing it separately through a 'clean' buss too. I also buss acoustics and electrics through two busses, especially when I have sparkly acoustics vs crunchy low end heavy electrics. I also keep strings and synths away from each other, so I have an acoustic instrument buss, strings, horns, piano, and an electro buss, synths, organs, ep, organ, etc. Some more great ideas here, I only use group busses and one mix buss, but definitely going to try the ABC technique, especially the C, the new version of KClip is awesome.

Aron Lee says:

don't you use any plugins to help the stereo image when mixing on headphones?


i have a question… you can see how you mix sound in mp3 format through the codec feature on ozone.. do you ever mix with that on if you know the final master is going to end up as mp3 ? if so can you give some examples of making the mix sound good with that codec on??

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