Misteramazing Doesn't Understand Music Theory

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Video edited by Biodegradable: https://twitter.com/BiodeEditable
Misteramazing’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUG9w-kUDyIenbVnldsa6ug
Andrew Huang’s music theory basics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgaTLrZGlk0

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Patricia Taxxon says:

i released this on my 20th birthday

DommY CS says:

So he only likes XXX because he can put his own meaning onto beats that X stole. That is pathetic. Also he says rap is "ghetto". Stfu.

I L says:

Is this music theory's Sokal Affair? Are chords and arpeggios even real, or just created through dramatic voice-overs and fancy editing?

1 d says:

there are some good music theory youtubers out there, who make good, cool, interesting music theory videos, but there are too many videos that like, pick a nerdy song that nerds like out of a hat and say like "did you know that this song is fucking genius because it uses music theory? if you actually look closely at the notes and chords, there is all this GENIUS music theory behind the song" and we're supposed to be like HOLY SHIT, i thought this was just a good song. i didn't know it was this fucking cerebral mathematic music theory contraption

Lemon Nomel says:

Why do I keep getting recommended call out videos on people I don’t know? Is it because YouTube knows I love watching people acting like god’s gift to the world or is the algorithm just broken?

1 d says:

good job saying black quarterback is the best death grips song, because that is correct

joga says:

20:24 what did michael gira do? i’m sure i sound SUPER dumb and out-of-the-loop saying this, but has michael gira (or any of the SWANS mainstays) ever done anything especially reprehensible?

Josh Turner says:

Thank you for the video, that Resonance video was tough to watch. It seems like you tried to stick to points of his that you could concretely disprove, but there was also so much of it that just sounds so wrong if you know anything about music.

He talks about inversions like they're an advanced technique rather than something so simple that it's hard to make music without. And he puts so much emphasis on the chords having some sort of intrinsic feeling rather than talking about the progression as a whole, or about the timbral things that matter way more for the nostalgia he's trying to talk about. That stuff somehow bugged me more than the straight up incorrect things.

bufo says:

so you girl now?? Feet pics…..pls…

Wife Material says:

If I am being perfectly honest this video has convinced me that music theory is hard to understand.

EDIT: also I lost my shit at "but it didn't slap" lol

Kate Kursive says:

…I don't like it, either.

Sam Burton-King says:

What did Swans do?!?

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen says:

He actually used to make cringe compilations, guess he belongs in one too lmao

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