Melodies of Gaming – The Music of Super Mario Maker 2 (ft. 8-bit Music Theory)

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Have you ever loved music from a game so much that it filled your heart with joy to hear it beautifully arranged? In our new musical series, we explore such reimagined songs in official game titles. This extended episode highlights the music of Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch and how the reprised themes have changed from the original classic tracks. A plethora of musical pieces are covered, with the Story Mode stages of development of the reconstruction of Peach’s Castle as our feature presentation. We hope you enjoy these Melodies of Gaming!

Many thanks to 8-bit Music Theory for collaborating with us and providing transcriptions for the feature presentation! Please check out his awesome YouTube channel and Twitter below:
➤ 8-bit Music Theory on YouTube:
➤ 8-bit Music Theory on Twitter:

Also, thanks to Nintenote for many of the music recordings and individual sound channels!

➤ Nintenote on YouTube:

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Angus Khan says:

You guys should definitely continue to collaborate with 8 bit music theory

8-bit Music Theory says:

Thanks for having me, this was a lot of fun!

Flightning99 says:

"could add in a new update" what update lol

Caleb Willden says:

Ooh, a colaboration!

Ducky Quackington says:

i did not understand any of the musical theory stuff but this was still a great listen. too bad there wont be anymore mario maker music, at least not major update-wise. what people fail to realise is that it says major-UPDATE. DLC is still possible.

Professor Jay Gaming says:

I can barely hear this guy during the first thirty seconds

EMan753 says:

8-bit music theooryyyyy!!!!

Chip Wiseman says:

8-Bit music theory: "And then a unique imperfect cadence cues a repeat of the first seven measures."
Me: "Ah, yes. Music."

CJay says:

awesome vid!

Linda Osnato says:

Will the next Melodies of Gaming be Sonic recycling music?

Plasmariel says:

I would like an episode on… so much games, but particularly the DKC series

David Schwartzberg says:

Let's be honest:

Over 75% of us don't know what they're saying.

Zero-ELEC says:

please stop trying to pronounce the japanese names with japanese phonetics

Matthew Thomas says:

You know I never paid much attention to the Story mode music but man it's actually very good.

Spider Genius says:

Can you talk about sonic he's just stuck in prison no one talks about him now I want Mario videos but not too many and sonic videos and news a little more I don't care what it is but just give me more sonic ND not just mario

thelostrune says:

The scat samples are originally from Spectrasonics Vocal Planet, but were redistributed as part of a partnership with Roland in their SR-JV80-13 Vocal Collection expansion board. They've also been rereleased by Spectrasonics themselves in Omnisphere, just for the few people that might be wondering about all of this.

Jason Fan Club says:

But unfortunately this video is quite lame

Jason Fan Club says:

8 bit music theory is the best channel I am following him a few years ago and learned a lot

GuiasMaurelChile says:

I can't believe you guys didn't mention that on the 3rd variation of the castle construction theme, you get to hear the whistle melody from SMW World Map!

SwedenTheHedgehog says:

I really like the video, but I will be honest: I don’t think the people in the video play off of each-other that well. It is clear that one is the music expert and that the other is.. well it kind of comes across as padding-esque trivia unfortunately, and I don’t mean to be rude by saying that. Maybe it’s just in the way it’s presented, I feel like a bit more enthusiasm would go along way to cover for the fact that it isn’t the most interesting info being presented? Just my two cents, but I really like the collaboration!

Connor Darvall says:

That reminds me of an idea I got yesterday. It would be cool if the player could compose their own music in a Mario Paint styled feature. That would go well with Super Worlds as you could compose your own course themes (ground, athletic etc.). Of course, there would be a soundfont for each style as Mario 3D World music will feel out of place in a Mario 3 course. I'd probably go with the DS soundfont for the New style and 3D World styles as full orchestration would be a bit difficult for the intended audience.

Nathan Rosario says:

Man this was just so nice to listen to. I know that the internet is all about memes and screaming, but I just love stuff like this. If there's one thing I about you guys at DYKG, it's how you balance everything and have something for everyone to watch. Thanks for the great video guys 🙂

TheFifthBeatle06 says:

I love how they made new themes, even with the new maps for the world maker!

artistafrustrado says:

ohh new video series, nice 😀

it would be interesting to see a video on Sonic Generations

Yamazake Whitesky says:

"we wanna hear what sorts of music will come from future updates"
Well that script didn't age well did it…

Roger Rabbit says:

Watch as they do a couple of videos and then completely forget about this series like cool bits or missing in action

Moist Choice says:

Fantastic music in the game. I was actually hoping someone would make a video like this and so glad y'all came through. Great hustle out there Musixplain… Ooof I can hear the crickets chirping in the audience.

Recht_voor_zijn_raap says:

I would really like to see you do a video about the re imagined music in the FF7 remake.

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