McFly – Danny and Tom Share Songwriting Tips

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levulp says:

haha me again 😀 watching this
"What was it?"
"No! Don't! Don't!" haha love that part

levulp says:

studio dogs 🙂 I want studio dogs <3

susipagel says:

Awww love it!!

Steph Miller says:

i know this sounds weird but watching this just made a short little melody pop into my head!!!! thank you McFly!

Jenny O'Keeffe says:

Studio dogs xD~

Caaathrine says:

The fly in these videos are annoying me! xD Just flying around…

Jenny Thomas says:

neither of them are wearing shoes haha

Tori says:

hey i LOVE silence of the city :L

maealexander87 says:

Saturday Night! Tom said 'laid' in Saturday Night!

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