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Taking a brief look at Analog Channel, Compressor Bank, Filter Bank, Revolver, and ML4000, which all come in this affordable bundle. – Download my free eBook “The #1 Rule Of Home Recording” for more tips


Matthew O'Halloran says:

hey graham how do you record your videos with the pro tools audio going into your screen capture software?

JohnFriedwich says:

Please do not use U2 as an example.

Smurf431 says:

I think the Massey Tape Head sounds a lot better…

Ervin Garcia says:

the studio project which is 79 is for pro tools.. its the beginner bundle.. but u can buy their nicer bundles if you use any other daw

Dave Curtis says:

What the fuck Graham, an excellent DAY? I was having a wonderful WEEK until you didn’t ask! >:O

I kid of course. Great video as usual, cheers. n_n

Alex Rightss says:

I hear a different with the tape un-bypassed, although I like it more bypassed. The only difference is that everything becomes ”deeper”. deep can mean a good bass presence, but this is just too deep, as if it was an artifact, which is not what I’d be looking for.

3Deity says:

I could hear a difference and it was the opposite of what he said – it growls with the plugin on and steps into the limelight too much. People often monitor stuff way too loud – hence they can’t hear the difference.

3Deity says:

The bass growls with that tape saturation plugin. We have this idea that everything has to be stand out and be full of character but many great recordings from ‘the golden era’ of LPs have limp basses, airy drums and generally ‘space’. I was appalled that U2 mixed their last album for ear buds, what next, anvils?

Barefoot67 says:

where do non pro tools users get this? didn’t get that

dopemcee says:

i thought it was just me…maybe i dont have the “ear”…but i actually closed my eyes while the video was playing without listening to the track before hand and couldnt notice any difference except during the compressor …

then again like i said maybe i dont have the engineer’s ear..

Joel Turley says:

I can hear it, It took away some of the attack on the bass and gave it a warmer sound. For the music I mix I wouldn’t want the attack gone but for a mix like what he did I can see it.

Michael L. says:

I’ve used both headphones and monitors. I still hear very little difference. Not enough to warrant using the plug in. Your results may vary. I think people hear things that aren’t really there.

-D Moates- says:

I tell everyone I know that uses pro tools to buy this bundle it’s a no brainier and the perfect companion for pro tools.

Otto Mercer says:

Seriously…. Man that difference is massive…. your room must be terrible if you hear no change. Put good headphones on and you’ll hear it. It’s massive. Sounds a hundred times better with it on.

Nicolas Kain says:

The plugin has a definate effect, especially on the low end. The mix becomes warmer and tighter using the plug-in. You should a/b your mixes with and without it and you’ll hear the difference.

noreaction1 says:

I hear the bottom end get bigger… as a matter of fact, I was reading your comment as I was listening and went back and watched the video to confirm it was on when I thought it was on… just saying

Michael L. says:

I think an engineer can fall into a psycho-acoustic delusion. You think you hear something change, but in reality, it’s imperceptible. I think that’s the case for a couple of these plug ins. No offense.

Michael L. says:

I heard zero difference with the first plug in. And I have Mackie HR824 mk2 monitors. If it’s just that subtle, then what good is it?

George18294 says:

Always enjoy sitting down and watching these videos whether its a review or tutorial. Where can we listen to your band? 🙂

George18294 says:

Always enjoy sitting down and watching these videos whether its a review or tutorial. Where can we listen to your band? 🙂

Kenneth Glod says:

I agree!!! for the sound quality of this plug ins, this bundle is ridiculously cheap… I bought it for 40.00 last Christmas….sweeeet!!!!

BookofIsaiah says:

Great song, Graham!!

xPIAV says:

My question is regarding the AC2. I see that you like to use the Slate VCC for your Saturation plugin of choice. Would you recommend using the AC2 in place of VCC on a per channel basis, or do you find better results keeping the channels dry and then use the AC2 on your mix bus? Of course, if any other viewers want to share their experiences with them too, that would be great 🙂

aldodaniel1986 says:

Where can I find some of your final mixes?

Zandra Morrow says:


jerry mateo says:

I bought this a while ago and upgraded to there classic pack and the ML4000. they are great plugins. and with my student discount it was half off yay.

Uprightest says:

Too bad it’s not available as a VST bundle.

DynastyUKOfficial says:

Thanks alot for this video man!

Eric Johnson says:

Nice review Graham. We love Colin and McDSP. The Project Studio Bundle is a fantastic value and you’ve done a really nice job of highlighting it.

nickpov3y says:

The compression bank looks absolutely amazing

jjdeloza says:

That drum crusher sounded nice. Been looking for a tape saturation plug in but they are pretty pricey. This definitely sounds like a great value. Think I will be taking this option. The compressor models are bonus.

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