May 5 2020 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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Don’t miss our live Club Cubase hangout at the Cubase YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notifications every time we schedule a hangout. In this sessions you can learn tips and tricks about our software. Questions can be submitted in advance to: clubcubase(at) #Live #Hangout #Cubase #Tips #Tricks #Questions

We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you.
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Cubase says:

00:10:04. Is there a way to conform notes to a scale during recording?
00:11:56. How to create a groove from an audio file with varying tempos?
00:16:51. How to reset MIDI controller in Cubase 10.5?
00:18:52. How to setup MIDI controller to control VST Mixer?
00:22:35 Can you edit hitpoints in the lower zone?
00:22:56. Can you do VariAudio Editing in the lower zone?
00:23:52. Can you adjust the pregain from the inspector on left hand side?
00:25:13. Is Steinberg support available only by chat?
00:26:17. Any tips for improving performance on older MacBook Pro?
00:28:31. Will Steinberg/Yamaha come out with an audio interface with MIDI plug-ins?
00:29:19. How to make macro to return to start position and audition punch in recording?
00:35:27. How to separate drum audio into kick and snare?
00:39:15. How to quantize on the line?
00:42:36. What is the function of group faders after a mix has been established?
00:46:04. Can user patterns be used in TGuitar?
00:50:35. Can you show tips on colorizing tracks with the project logical editor?
00:53:22. Can I monitor the preview in the right zone though a spectrum analyzer?
00:55:56. Can you use the delete time without cutting video and tempo information?
00:59:10. Can we have drag and drop for FX from right zone in the full MixConsole?
01:00:23. How to get an accurate tempo map of a full track?  See 00:11:56
01:00:43. How to fix drop out problems when using VST instruments in Cubase AI?
01:03:04. Why am I getting pops and clicks after rendering a GrooveAgent track?
01:06:16. Is it possible to record the chords from the proximity or circle of 5ths diagram?
01:08:20. What makes CPU jump to 100% and how does constrain delay compensation play in?
01:11:25. Why can I hear sound in my monitors but Cubase is not recording the signal?
01:14:47. Why are Vari Audio Edits mollified when doing offline processing?
01:18:35. How to start all songs from the first bar?
01:22:10. Does Cubase include CCs when exporting pitch to audio for higher accuracy?
01:26:03. Why do plug-ins cause latency during recording?
01:29:10. Why do wave files from FL Studio 20 sound bad when importing into Cubase?
01:31:34. Can you show some cool macros to save time on editing?
01:37:27. Why is audio recorded from first bar printed with a delay?
01:38:24. Can you do a head to head against Nuendo to see if extra features with Nuendo get in the way of workflow?
01:42:27 What is the one killer feature you have seen in another DAW that you want in Cubase?
01:43:24. Comment on running Cubase syncing ADATs and MMC via console?
01:45:06. Why can’t I trigger chord pads with a MIDI controller anymore?
01:46:49. Can you copy inserts to other tracks from project window?
01:49:52. What are advantages of using Expression maps vs key switch notes in editors?
01:52:25. What is your preference for time stretching algorithm?
01:53:56. How to change the tempo of multiple tracks on the project window?
01:58:15. Is there an iOS app that plays video which syncs to MTC or SMPTE?
01:59:07. Are there any plans to develop a group freeze function?
02:01:08.  Can group tracks mirror project and can automated parameters be indicated with a red dot?
02:03:26. How to do a recording for a first time user?
02:12:14. Do I need the AB plug-in to work with a reference track?
02:18:12. How to copy all Mix Settings to a different song with same track configuration?
02:20:32. Why does track get high latency after record?
02:21:16. How to broadcast audio out of my Cubase sessions to oBS?
02:22:38. How to quantize the start positions of events on the project window?
02:24:32. Can you show an easy way to map VST parameters to MIDI controller?
02:27:36. Is there a vocal template to make my vocals sound more professional?
02:29:34. Is it OK to export GrooveAgent audio files as mono?
02:30:29. How to use my Yamaha keyboard to trigger sounds in a VSTi?
02:31:48. What is the loopback function in the UR28M used for?
02:33:05. How can I add a Roland U20 patch name script to Cubase?
02:35:19. How to fix latency when using a plug-in on a track?
02:38:15. Is it possible to extract MIDI from a stereo drum loops with multiple instruments?
02:39:38. Continued discussion of connecting MIDI keyboard to trigger aVST instrument.
02:40:40. Why does adding more plug-ins add latency?
02:41:07. Can the volume of segments be indicated in VariAudio editor?
02:43:52. How to show waveform in automation lane?
02:45:04. Why can I only hear VST instruments when monitor is enabled but when record enabled?
02:49:05. Why is MIDI controller playing all instruments at once?
02:51:05. Why when I saved a project and reopened it later do the changes were not saved?
02:53:06. Why don’t I can’t record do not have wave or graphy?
02:54:12. Can you demonstrate beat detective stylye multi-track drum quantizing?
03:00:37. How to setup the. Studio Pass?
03:01:13. How to record audio from a VSTi in Cubase?
03:07:57. How to see MIDI or audio as notation in Cubase?
03:09:29. How to move tuning in Cubase from 440Hz to 444Hz?
03:12:04. Is there a way to search for patches which have key switches?
03:13:11. Are any expression maps provided with Cubase?
03:14:22 Anyway to import Expression Maps for SampleTank?
03:14:59. How can I make my sound loud like a commercial release?
03:18:09. Why does continue, new version or cancel mean when in VariAudio?
03:19:28. Why don’t I see a musical mode icon in upper right after enabling musical mode in pool?
03:20:19. Is it better to render or bounce tracks after comping before adding effects?
03:21:48. Why is minimize breath macro better than a noise gate?
03:23:38. How to keep color palette open when coloring multiple tracks?
03:24:36. How to keep an undocked window from HALion open when closing the instrument editor?
03:26:35. How to manage latency with a VST Connect session?
03:28:26. How to export different tracks from a longer seamless recording?
03:30:09. Why can’t I find a C5 chord in the chord track?
03:32:15. Do you have any suggestions for a new studio desk?
03:32:56. How to have everything contained in a folder when creating a project?
03:33:40. Wrap up.  Stay safe and healthy.  Record great music and audio.

Ted says:

wanna be friends?

Ted says:

wanna be friends?

Ted says:

wanna be friends?

Ted says:

wanna be friends?

Guitar Nerd says:

Any fixes for Cubase 10.5 sluggish/crash issues on OS X Mojave anytime soon? Thanks

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