May 22 2020 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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Cubase says:

00:10:16   Is it too late to start my Mix over after 2 weeks with a reference track?
00:17:08. What is an easy way to set up alternate deliverables for libraries?
00:20:52. How to zoom in centered around the play head?
00:22:11. How to take MIDI input and make it fit in defined scales?
00:24:08. Are MIDI notes supposed to nudge by snap when snap mode is disabled?
00:26:09. What is the most comprehensive home control surface for Cubase?
00:27:50. Was permanently delete audio function removed because hard drives are bigger now?
00:30:37. How to do an insert time function in the MIDI key editor?
00:32:57. What is the best way to sync cursor position in key editor when opening it?
00:35:41. Can you use the Akai Force as a MIDI controller in Cubase?
00:36:39. Can we expected Dorico to be integrated with Cubase?
00:38:14. How to create that judges back and forth when composing to video?
00:40:35. Will we see MIDI clip launching soon in Cubase?
00:41:11. Is there a template for a Behringer XTouch in Cubase?
00:42:40. Is there a way to manage the MixConsole in large projects?
00:45:48. How to create a macro to insert markers on musical or time based marker track?
00:53:09. How to copy MIDII CC1 from one track to another MIDI track?
00:53:34. Is the micro tuner MIDI plug-in intended for extreme changes or subtle ones
01:01:05. Is there a way to expand the inspector to read all values easily?
01:02:19. Is there a way to create a MIDI file that includes the fromt side of the Expression Maps?
01:05:55. Are there any tips for best mixing and mastering?
01:07:09. Would suggest Sonarworks or DSP hardware for room calibration?
01:08:45. How to change frequency of volume changes when drawing automation?
01:11:28. Do multitrack group mixdowns go through the Master Effects?
01:13:00. Can you share best ideas for using MIDI key switch in in editors?
01:15:53. Are there any coming sales or promotions for Cubase 10.5?
01:17:31. Can you record through amp simulators in VST Connect Pro?
01:18:30. Is there a macro to always send MIDI CC data with a key press?
01:21:46. How to enable disable tracks via a MIDI CC?
01:25:12. Why does double clicking on a part sometimes show a part with diagonal lines?
01:28:39. Can Cubase find the chords and key of a stereo wav file?
01:29:15. Will there be any more CMC controllers in the future?
01:30:08. Should I use Cubase or Audacity to record voice overs?
01:31:08. Are there plans to update Cubase IC Pro?
01:33:02. Why is it not possible to find the pool folders within the audio folder?
01:36:06. Can an old DX100 be used as a transport controller in Cubase?
01:37:51. How to change notes with an editor using a MIDI keyboard?
01:41:08. How to switch between 3 active display monitors?
01:44:28. How to delete a workspace in Cubase 9.5?
01:46:38. Can you use the key maps in the key editor?
01:47:31. Are there chances to have internal MIDI cables in Cubase?
01:48:41. How to erase pauses between parts in a guitar solo?
01:51:07. How to adjust the tempo to hit a specific bpm when scoring to video?
01:54:55. How do I get the scale transposition you showed earlier?
01:58:32. What is the best way to navigate to different songs in a project?
02:00:14. How can I save a group of short guitar solos to pads in Groove Agent?
02:04:53. Why don’t I have a way to ping for latency of external instruments?
02:08:44. How to sequentially change pitches of existing notes in the score editor?
02:11:21. Is it possible to assign the Nektar controller faders to specific MIDI CCs?
02:12:22. If you brought is a sample from a library and deleted it would it be erased permanently?
02:16:39. Is it OK to record an electronic drum kit to Groove Agent at 128 buffer?
02:17:30. Is there a way to copy direction based attributes from one map to another?
02:18:26. Can SysEx be ignored when importing MIDI files?
02:20:29. Is there any way to create a feedback loop for delay based effects?
02:23:40. Will Cubase add streamers and punches in video window?
02:24:18. Is there a way to help with forgetting to bypass Sonarworks before exporting mix?
02:25:58. Is there a way to not have cursor lag on high track count projects?
02:27:12. How to make tracks in folders disappear in the MixConsole?
02:30:38. How to get a MIDI track to create tracks on the chord track?
02:35:15. How to do dual mono in a dynamics plug-in?
02:36:49. How to access bottom colors in color tool?
02:38:10. Will the CMC and CC121 still be supported in future Cubase versions?
02:41:06. Why can’t I control the sound when using UR44C with the control room?
02:43:41. Does Cubase have issues with different HiDPI scaling?
02:45:28. Can you use the range selection tool to crossfade between audio on different tracks?
02:48:50. How to use cycle marker export to enumerate round robins in HALion?
02:52:17. Can you show how to copy automation between different tracks?
02:55:17. How to change the pitch of the sample or audio track easily?
02:58;15. How to analyze and work with grooves of audio files with changing tempos?
03:05:05. How to change pitch of a single MIDI note easily?
03:06:49. How ro setup my Tascam FW1884 as an interface and control surface in Cubase?
03:07:52. How to open a MIDI part from the internet in the score view?
03:09:53. How to play back a music video in Cubase?
03:12:00 Why do voicings change on chord pads?
03:13:07. Do I need to install previous versions of Cubase when migrating to a new computer?
03:14:24. How do I get my projects load in Cubase as opposed to 10.5?
03:15:42. Do I need to select external clock in Studio Setup in Cubase?
03:17:25. Are the hangout indexes done automatically by YouTube?
03:18:46. Which version of Cubase should a beginner start with?
03:19:48. Why do my MIDI recordings record earlier than played?
03:22:01. When I put in text how do I remove a text layout notice in score editor?
03:24:58. Why do my projects sometimes run smoothly and next day it is very choppy with audio dropouts?
03:28:22. Is it possible to change pitches up or down within the editor from a key command?
03:30:12. Is there a way to auto sample an instrument?
03:31:26. Why doesn’t my MIDI track to chord work?  Is it because the MIDI was extracted from audio?
03:32:55. Why do some of my Waves plug-ins not show up in Cubase?
03:35:19. What is the combined panning tool used for?
03:38:22. Is there a quick way to replace a kick drum in a track just by swapping files?
03:41:07. Do we need at least one bar to pick up a groove quantize part?
03:43:09. How do I use a compressor?
03:46:01. Can you have the audio mixdown be placed in the audio pool?
03:47:16. Are there any known issues between Cubase and Kontakt?
03:48:06. How can you lock markers to specific SMPTE time code positions?
03:51:13. How can you reamp a guitar part?
03:56:31. Is there an easy way to split up an audio track and move it to different tracks?
04:00:15. When will there be a dry wet knob on every plug-in?
04:00:42. Wrap up.  Stay safe and healthy.

BBnemin Weriey says:

Hi I'm from the state of Micronesia

BBnemin Weriey says:

Hi I'm from the state of Micronesia

Alter Ego says:

Hello Greg. I am having a problem. I am new to Wavelab. I have a mix in Cubase where I have sent a Stereo kick to be edited in Wavelab. The edit that I want to do is "Stereo to Mono" but, the only way I know how to do this edit creates another file and I cannot send this file back to Cubase. Is it possible to convert the current file then send it back to Cubase or is the problem because the original file is Stereo and the converted file is Mono so it will not send back to Cubase? Please help. Thanks.

Tyler Christiaens says:

Thanks a lot Greg! That answered my question! I totally had outputs routed as well.

Tebogo Mabelane says:

Hi am from South Africa

Tebogo Mabelane says:

Am Tebogo from south Africa new in this app

Tebogo Mabelane says:

Can u please do a video showing us how to mix instruments

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