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In this video tutorial I show how to setup a mastering session in Pro Tools 11 utilizing Waves plugins from their Gold Bundle. I cover how to “Bounce to Disk” as well as how to setup a Print Track for file export.

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Chale Rhingo says:

I am a professional mix engineer and I say remove all frequencies between 20 Hz – 20 Khz on this track.

RJY Creations Music & Paintings says:

Sir, thanks a lot, awesome tutorial.

Dmusic says:

haa thanks alot
i wanted to know that Do you bounce only the printed track by soloing it

michael thompson says:

Hey Brian I live in Toronto Canada and I have been watching tons of videos on mixing and mastering. I graduated music industry arts college last September and still had to come back to your videos. I love the way you teach, thank you for your help hope to be in touch soon brother
Keep doing what you do


How did yours pop up saying master bus

Scott Carlisle says:

great video…thank you…

TheChosenOne says:

Exporting apparently applies the old dither by default, so it's not the really best way to export the audio. How do you guys export the print?

September TV says:

I like really good video I just got waves gold gonna try this in logic

Manny Ferrer says:

People are saying it's a high master or bright but I think it's because while I was watching this video I noticed on Vitamin you forgot to take off the bypass on the low frequency. But great video I still learned a lot from you.

Juan Nungaray says:

i think its way too bright, just my .02 good video tho

Carlos Perdomo says:

I just realized that my other mastering video is yours as well… LOL
I asked a question on your other video but will write it on this one as well just in case you see this video first.
Do you always keep your pre-mastering levels on your track at -10, regardless of the music genre you're playing?


Carlos Perdomo says:

I just did my first Mastering following your video. Thank you very much.
Very easy to follow and understand.

CarnageTheProducer says:

Amazing video thanks…Whats an alternative to the VITAMIN plugin? I dont have it yet.

DeSig says:

I cant figure out how to Route my song into the next channel. using cubase 7 help!

SunsetKidsMusic says:

Thanks for the lesson. What is the 3rd party program that you are using to print and convert to 16bit?

Nom Puab Yib Production says:

or if dont have it, which one , i can use instead.

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