Mastering Audio Like a Pro | Mixing and Mastering in Pro Tools

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Im trying out an interview style series with various engineers. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Mastering is one of the most elusive concepts in the audio profession. I sit down with Mastering Engineer Ben Kesler to discuss his methods and techniques on mastering audio. We discuss some of the plugins and hardware he uses to master.



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Roe Productions says:

Great Content!!!!

LordDRockMusic says:

I'm a little confused as to how mastering in FL Studio would be ANY different than using Protools are Wavelabs. Wave might have certain advantages because its meant for mastering, but overall the plugins are doing the work and the DAW is just rendering data. How would it sound ANY different if you use the same plugins, with the same settings, with the same room etc. Mike Dean masters in whatever daw he feels like that day.

Richie Billionz says:

what mic did you record the video with its on point

TheMaddazhell says:

I once heard a mastering engineer say he tells his clients to send him a mix then he will give his input on errors that needs to be corrected and what they need to do before he master it, but he said he never tell them he wont do it, unless they don't comply with his suggestions. I am talking about mastering engineers like Bob Katz, Bernie Grundman, I haven't met them in person but I talked with them on the phone..

High Quality Audio Productions says:

One Audio tip, This goes for studio work or even playing live on stage!!!. I found out to late is to make it sound louder with NOT turning up the volume is boost the midrange. THAT brings everything up more. How come NO ONE talks about a main staple in any ones rack. ? ,"BBE Sonic Maximizer", 482i. You should not even record onenote without it from the soundcheck to final mastering before it goes to duplication!!!

Andrew Herrmann says:

Are they B&W 610's? My father used to own those. When I was a kid I was in a store with him auditioning speakers and they blew us away, so we went home with a pair. Great speakers.

Richard Boateng says:

This is a great interview. Thanks


How much you charge to mix and master a song?

Perry Pelican says:

Why pro tools? Expensive for nothing. Please give me one reason to go with pro tools instead of reaper, for example. I mean for your own studio.

A-Rushh says:

Love all of your content, my guy. Keep up the amazing work.

jmac2050 says:

So, FL is good enough to give to birth to music, but not to master, these guys are so cliche.

Remington James says:

This channel is too underrated!

Mad Musicologist says:

Yeah man, usually I learn a lot from your clips, real good stuff. But I'm afraid this one is a bit vague. Ok: only WAVs (minimum 24 bit / 48KHz), no clipping, no compression, keep the mix well balanced. When I wanted continuing to listen to you, there was an error which prevented me from following. Actually I grew up with Cakewalk Sonar, changed to ProTools because I love to work also with Sibelius, which seems to go fine with PT. If there are other clips of yours re. mastering, I'd be eager to watch them. Keep going. – Right, now I can continue watcing this. Getting more to the point at around 23:48.

Knatty Tracazoid says:

very informative video here bro

A'lexion Ent says:

Did you play with the audio on this video?

Eric Robinosn says:

these videos are great

DJ Pain 1 says:

Make a video explaining how to remove producer tags from beats that you didn't pay for.

Grind In Silence says:

Could you do a video on what level you should start the beat when you input or what to do when your beat is over drowning vocals or vice versa.. love your video

TJ Lamont says:

Awesome interview!!!

Cypha City says:

didnt help me at all , was looking for maybe your approach to mastering , or mastering in a home studio type of environment , still got good tips though , maybe in the future make a video in pro tools to visually help , im more of a visual learner . nice stuff tho

DJ Quanta says:

Lawd! I have protools but none of these plugins lol hats off to those engineers… I just remeber to bounce in mono summed

Jairus Anderson says:

Preciate it brooo !!!

Jonathan Meza says:

Love your videos bru!!

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