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BrandMan Channel intro beat produced by @BeatsbyMalex —
BrandMan Sean intro produced by Aman
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Rayhan KhaliQ says:

I need help

Mox Beatz says:

Quick question, if you put you’re own lyrics on a beat.. let’s just say for example if I had my own lyrics/flow on “Gucci Gang” could I put that out on Spotify/iTunes ? Would that be considered a cover ?

HOUR:N9NE says:

Brand man is the truth fr! Like definitely bringing maaaaad content and information! Like how do we do actual business with u?

MEANDI says:

very inspiring interview, thanks guys


In some parts Amirr was asking for help that was very humble and organic. Brandman has the best Brand.

Revere Tha MC says:

Losing momentum is a mother! Trying to get back in the swing of things after a hiatus is not easy.

ChromaLab says:

What a great channel! BrandMan Sean has totally influenced us at ChromaLab on the way to start and go forward!!!!

The Trench Entrepreneur says:

haha i forget my stuff sometimes too

Jeff Trinkle says:

not bad stuff but this guy needs to learn how to be interviewed. this did not need to be an hour long

Jeff Trinkle says:

I can see why you didnt wanna edit this lol


Inspiring, seeing he was successful doing what you love.

MixMasterLuxson says:

He speaking facts on about being dependent

Jakey Wakey says:

Great advice! Thanks again guys 🙂

BLay Gambino says:

As a Brandman Sean fanatic, jus leave the first part of intro far as the instrumental, shit hard as oppose to the second part of it

NeWArrA Official says:

This is a mirror

SincerelyWilliam says:

When I blow up, I would like to personally get Brandman a drink and thank him for all the knowledge. This man is giving us a college level education for free. Much love.

Closed Eyes Never Triumph says:

Priceless insight

Timmydahitman Beats says:

Notification Gang Gang Gang

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