Marketing Frauds That We Are All Fed Up With

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Matthew Knight says:

This is upsetting. You played the wrong music

jw '46 says:

Just like the way this show doesn't run all the way to it's end. It's back-filled with advertising. Asses!

Universgrin says:

*Clone Trooper not storm

CatSmackingYourWallpaper :3 says:

Mkay.. This was made on my Bday.. Nice.

Melissa Plouffe says:

The bark thins aren't like that I had those before stop your lying u b***h

TheCommunistDragon says:

1:47 Thats why I always get no ice in my drinks.

Bacon Cat says:

Made it under 300 views! I have the powwwerrrr!

Oumaima Atti says:

I’m so early wow

RandomGaming says:

2:48 a little mistake there isn't it supposed to be the?
Thank me later.

Art3mis 7 says:

Wow I’m so early. #notification squad where u at?

Darlene Greywolf says:

Bags of lay's chips!!! Only get half a bag!!!!!

Art3mis 7 says:

Wow I’m so early. #notification squad where u at?

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