Make beautiful songs WITHOUT any music theory (7 free chord progressions)

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Free chord progressions by Killigrew:

Piano scales:

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FOR USAGE: Everyone is free to use and monetize my music on Youtube and Twitch as long as credits are given. See my example below and link to my channel. To request a commercial license please send me an e-mail. You can buy my complete discography (12 albums for the price of 3) on my Bandcamp or follow the Dropbox link for a free download.

However, Bandcamp offers the highest quality and supports me as an artist. Music is my full-time job and my passion, but if everyone would download it for free I would not be able to pay rent. Thank you for understanding and have a nice day 🙂

I wrote and therefore own the songs, you can’t steal them. I simply made them available for everyone to use on this platform so you don’t have to worry about Content ID or claims. I hope you find inspiration and feel creative with my songs!

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© All music is written, performed and mixed by Killigrew.

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Killigrew - No Copyright Music says:

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Free chord progressions by Killigrew:

Piano scales:

BearCozy Chillstep says:

It's amazing how different people inspire different people

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