Macbook Pro Unboxing with DAW Setup: Pro Tools and Universal Audio Interface Install and Setup

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Macbook Pro Unboxing with DAW Setup: Pro Tools and Universal Audio Interface Install and Setup

In this video, we unbox a new Macbook Pro, and go through the DAW setup process for a Pro Tools rig, with a Universal Audio Apollo 8 interface and Universal Audio Satellite. We also test out the setup, and do some I/O customization. Hope you like it!

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Timecode Locations for Description:
02:02 – Start Unboxing
03:27 – Pro Tools Install
07:34 – Pro Tools Install Summary
08:56 – Universal Audio Install
12:27 – Powering Up and Testing PT and UA Interface
17:13 – Changing I/O Settings

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Kingly Studios says:

We love all your videos from the beginning! Keep up the amazing work!

MixedByScience says:

Long Live PSL!!!

Sean Kerns says:

Naming inputs is a great tip, too. I sometimes get too lazy to do that, but if you have a bunch of I/O, and switch between different audio engines or interfaces, it can save a lot of headaches.

Sean Kerns says:

I always like to put the Activity Monitor and Audio MIDI setup in the dock, as well, because I use them so often.

Sean Kerns says:

I love that Avid makes all the installers so accessible these days, but sometimes, there are so many options, it can be hard to figure out what you need.

André Silva says:

Please do a video on your hand built compressor, curious on how it turned out.

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