M-Audio Creation Studio – Recording Acoustic Guitars with Pro Tools First

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Welcome to our M-Audio Creation Studio series! We are very excited to share tips and tricks on how to record various instruments using our AIR Series interfaces with the included software. In this video we show how to use the X/Y mic technique to record stereo acoustic guitars with our AIR 192|6 audio interface and the Pro Tools First software.

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judd stoned says:

Very helpful. I work in a music retail store( In South Africa ) in the studio section where I sell a lot of Maudio gear. Always tell customers to check out these vids for tips and tricks..

Hannah Emma says:

Not getting any signal coming through my protools, though I am getting signal on my m-audio box. I’ve looked through multiple videos and don’t know how to fix it. Any suggestions?

Jason• theFATES says:

Probably going to hate heAIRing this but this is the first video that got right to the point when recording acoustic guitar. Mike does not fumble through who he is or really no back story just his name and what he's showing; however I bought a presonus audiobox. I dig that AIR though wish I had known because not only for functionality the mother fucker just looks foxy or sexy lol and chicks(if you ever get them inside your studio or house or moms basement) theyll dig the sexy clean sleek lines and black on black and well. Black always looks smaller and clean. It';s the sound you want her to think is so huge. LOL hours of sifting through videos that mislead by accident I'm sure but none the less my head is gone. Thanks M-Audio for sharing I might just accidentally drop the interface I have

Keith -Marv K- Harris II says:

ProTools and M-Audio have always worked well together.
What type/brand of converters are used in this new AIR line of audio interfaces?

Fanta Fiesta says:

Great video ! What mics are you using ? And the audio interface ?

Rey Miranda says:

Can you please try for keyboards

Kahleeto Trez says:

Thanks for this. Would you recommend this technique for Bongos ? Thanks Mike

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