Logic Pro X Tutorial – Humanizing Your House Music Drums w/ Matt Shadetek

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Learn more about our Logic Pro course: http://www.dubspot.com/logic-pro/ In this video, Dubspot Logic Pro course designer Matt Shadetek shows you how to brea…


Tristan Chroma says:

Randomization is not the entire crux of humanization. It only accounts for
human error, but doesn’t account for how humans play with deliberation.
After doing with this, it’d make sense to manually accent strong beats,
incorporate velocity builds for tenser moments, and the like.

Jim Richard says:

no HD?

aaron123ization says:

mixmaster show sound toys 😉 ? 

aguafiesta69 says:

Another great tutorial! Thanks for this!
Also, any chance you could do a tutorial on vocal pitch bending/pitch
envelopes? I hear it in damn never every song now days and would like to
learn how to do it cleanly in Logic X

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