Logic Pro X – Full Walkthrough

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Check out the new Logic Pro X here with my full in-depth walkthrough. I go over every instrument included in Logic Pro X as well as demonstrate all the new e…


Cheese0005 says:

great walkthrough, thanks a lot!

theclinkmusic says:

everything seems really big on mine, anyway of zooming the whole project out?

theclinkmusic says:

excellent video just one question, my transpose bar is far bigger than yours so i dont get to see the master volume on it. How can i make the transpose bar smaller so i can see the volume, thanks

SilentXdubstep says:

Wow i really want logic pro x now

Enyo Aluka says:

nothing like FL studio. But just as anything, you’ll get used to it.

Zachary Fulton says:

I’m really diggin’ the new Logic Pro X!!! 🙂 I do have one question though – does X have the Varispeed function like it did in 9, and does it have the same options – speed only, speed and pitch, speed and MIDI???

Adamo Castello says:

I’m completely new to this program. when you’re manipulating the sound you’re playing with the arpegiator and the other tools, are you manipulating sound from an external keyboard? cuz I have my keyboard connected, but it doesn’t connect to the tools, and I understand there’s sounds in the program, but how on earth do you perform a melody with them or even hear what they sound like? I’ve only watched the first 15 minutes so I’ll keep trying to learn.

Alex Williams says:

how does this program work? is it anything like fruity loops? i bought this and do not know much about it. Do I need all external instruments?

JohnMinoiaMusic says:

Good tip, Robert !

wtw84 says:

Sp — Klopfgeist


Nick Murray says:

cool thanks!

Nick Murray says:

great tip!

Robert Latzer says:

I have read a few negative comments in the Logic Forum about the location of the Transport Bar. I love it on top but it can be floated and placed anywhere by going to the window heading on the apple toolbar and selecting the floating transport bar feature.

wtw84 says:

Great overview. Klop Geist is German for “Ghost Knocking”, a remnant of Logics German heritage. You are correct it is used for the metronome sound 🙂

Mike An says:

Thank you.

Robert Latzer says:

Not only can you save manually but the ‘save as’ option has been brought back. So you can save as many versions of your project as you like.

Mike An says:

Can you disable autosaving and save manually in X?

Nick Murray says:

if you’re already used to garageband, i would definitely go for logic. it’s not that expensive and comes with a lot of great stuff to get started right away!

camfre4k says:

nice.. i’m trying to move on from garageband, i’m finding it very “basic/amateur” and i really don’t like the sound of most of the software instruments that comes with garageband. Would you recommend this for someone like me, i would like to take my music to another level and get some professional sounding stuff. I’m thinking about buying pro tools, But this seems nice too. What would you choose ?

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