Logic Pro Tutorial – Dubstep Style Wobble Bass Pt 1 w/ ES2 – Matt Shadetek

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Matt Shadetek explains how to setup a dirty dubstep style wobble bass in Logic, using the ES2 synthesizer. Going beyond simple frequency cutoff, he takes you deep into the ES2’s modulation section, and explains some advanced synthesis concepts. In part 1 (this video) he shows how to create the sound and in part 2 he shows how to tweak it out over time.


matt shadetek says:

Check out my tutorial on creating an 808 sub bass on the Dubspot youtube channel.

GZeffinBaby says:

Hey howd u get that first bass sound?… that simple “WWWUMP”

punknart says:

very very helpful video. This videos would be nicer if you upload them in HD.

DjTwistz says:

I don’t know if you will read this comment and that goes for other people but please use this information because this how to make from my perspective the closest ukf dubstep sound. Buy LOGIC LIKE THIS VIDEO AND PART 2, AND ENJOY THE VIDEO


IF you are intrested look into my channel Alex Dunham
Dj name is DJ Twistz (Me)

Thank you if you watch ^^_

Muvmntality94 says:

thanks man, this tut really helped me. normally im not into dubstep producing but i realized how fun it is:))

Nabil Khazzaka says:

Wow, great tutorial! I like the notes that appear on the screen. That makes it very easy to understand. You’re an excellent teacher, dude!

DumbBassDreams says:

logic pro 9 vs ableton?

DirtyWobbleBass says:

Check out ‘Bass Drop’, the electronic music production app for iPhone and iPad
Free for a limited period, so download it now!
It includes a Wobble bass Keyboard synthesiser and drum / fx sampler

Add9Sus4 says:

damn 242 likes, 0 dislikes

thechilloutsession says:

would it not be easier and more reliable to use and auto filter to make the wobble.?

Nathan Owens says:

i love all the information but if you could upload in higher quality so we can see everything you’re doing more clearly, it would help a bunch. 🙂

bridgfordbill says:


scho1013 says:


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TiedToAGrizzly says:

how do you get it to alternate quarter notes?

TiedToAGrizzly says:

under where it says next setting, previous setting and all that there should be a list of instruments, tutorial is among those

sickboynotyet says:

sorry but, can you explain me why I haven’t the tutorial setting?

gawdday says:

where can i find the song

gawdday says:

whats itr called and where can i find it

VideVideVideVide says:

My songs Glowstick and Space Patrol is a dubstep song i made in logic express check them out in my channel 🙂

chaschao99 says:

Where do you find the tutorial effects for the ES2? I’ve looked around and i dont know where

Alexsrandomstuff says:

hit caps lock

Jmaltz9 says:

how did you get the onscreen keyboard because i cant seem to find it anywhere

nawtibitch says:


II801II says:

too much harsh buzzing

HoneyBeeRecords says:

Very good job on the video, thanks homie

doggybiscutdude says:


Raphael2621992 says:


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