Live Q&A with Eric Haugen: Music Theory Chat

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One of the best ways to learn about music theory, once you know the basics of intervals, is to ask questions!
Music Theory is an endlessly fascinating subject with a lot of rabbit holes, detours, and roadside attractions to look at. But basically, it’s the study of “Why do I like the way this sounds?” or “How can I create __________ emotion with sound?”

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Dave Massie says:

Awesome as always! Nice seeing all the girls in the rack! Happy New year and thanks for sharing. Peace.

Yuval Legendtofski says:

bugger! cluldnt get up at 3am to watch and chat live

Mike Dearing says:

sorry I missed this Eric – all fabulously useful as ever.. cheers Mike

TheErroneousOne says:

I was wondering something. If you go from like an Am to a Cmaj, how do you prevent the fills from sounding identical?

JT Keel says:

I learn so much from you Eric, need to do another lesson sometime

White Limo says:

Love these Eric. Please keep doing them.

Mark SD says:

Dig, teaching myself theory for many years and I agree, asking how/why is my best learning tool.

Lucky D says:

Lot of interesting information in there, thanks for it.

David Ewing says:

Nice video, Eric. Your tip on country bending in a major pentatonic scale was most helpful. Also. What kind of Univibe were you using?

joshua tolle says:

Is there a correct way to use chords not in a that key? I find sometimes it works and sometimes not!!

Mdv Gau says:

How can I learn to read guitar music better? I have seen plenty of fretboard layouts, but I mean fro reading music.

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