Lesson 2 Advanced Music Theory Triads Inversions & Figured Bass

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Table of Contents
Intro: 0:00
Scale Degrees: 0:36
Triads: 2:00
Triads in Major Keys: 6:11
Triads in Minor Keys: 11:10
Summary of Triads: 18:40
Open & Closed Positions: 20:01
Inversions: 21:54
Chords: 27:25
7th Chords: 29:56
Summary of 7th Chords: 32:07
Frequency of 7th Chords: 37:14
Figured Bass: 42:19
7th Chords & Figured Bass: 52:28
Chromatic Notes & Figured Bass: 58:10
Conclusion: 1:16:03


Richi Christiano says:

please help me with beaming and syncopation

Ana B.T. says:

Thank you very much ! 🙂

Mozaick says:

Thank you very much.Awesome work.

Alchemy Music School says:

33:10 Is there a mistake in Summary of 7th Chords, where you are showing Root, Third, Fifth and Flat Seventh as Major-minor 7 triad. In fact it should be Dominant Seventh triad.

Your videos are great source of inspiration.

Denzil "DJ" Johnson says:

veryy very helpful for revision … thanks man

Gonçalo Oliveira says:

When you have 7th chords in any inversion, which notes should go to the left of the others? Is it the seventh of the chord?

Kei Korono says:

02:02 What is a Triad
06:14 Triads in Major Keys
11:20 Triads in Minor Keys
14:42 Harmonic Minor Triads
18:43 Summary of Triad Descriptions
20:08 Open & Closed Positions

22:04 Inversions
27:27 Chords
30:03 7th Chords
32:09 Summary of 7th Chord descriptions
37:20 Frequency of 7th Chords **

42:50 44:31 Figured Bass
50:43 Open Chords & Figured Bass
52:31 7th Chords & Figured Bass
58:13 Chromatic Notes in Figured Bass

Laura Rimmer - Keto Alkaline Nutritionist says:

Thanks you Declan, very helpful indeed

Opiekun Dps says:

11:32 – I dont understand why :/

Harmonic is c,d,e,f,g#,a,b – rised 5
Melodic is c,d,e,f#,g#,a,b – rised 4 and 5

Fastest Gazelle says:

Thank you so much for giving me the answer to a question that was bugging me about inversions. (you gave me the answer at 23.30, namely that in first inversion the root and the fifth can be in any order above the third)

Chillos100 says:

thnx a lot for your effort!! This is truly helpful & enlightening!! Much appreciated..

Balbino says:

I do not speak english.
Very good class.
Thank you!

Daniel Webster says:

Thanks! These four reviews have been very helpful.

no coat says:

How do i get some of the charts and handouts? Thank you for doing this

Donato Lepore says:

do you think it would be better when explaining the minor keys to present them with the same key signature as in C as it relates to a minor

34730AADM says:

Great work! Thank you!

Derik2 Nicolai says:

very well done video, thank you very much.

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