lesson 1 | How to learn music | three main concepts in (music theory )

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In this video you can learn about three main concepts in western music theory.
Its like a summery or index to know what exactly should be learned to become a good musician.
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Ch Venkatesh66 says:

I am joing today sir wish me all the best


What is note bro

Gowtham Kumar says:

Brother me num evvandi

Pramod Kumar says:

Machii music composer avalli ante ami chadavalli and ami cheyallli reply bro

Alama Abacus LA says:

Hello l love your music I am Srihith and saharsh your class students

punarutthan babu says:

anna nenu first nundi guitar nerchukovali but yela

prasanna pujitha says:

Sir u r so tallented in teaching.we are very happy in learning online classes.


యూట్యూబ్ తెలుగు ఛానల లో ఇంత బాగా వివరించే వారు ఎవరూ లేరు అనుకుంటా thank you sar..

wrestle band says:

Suppper bro your

Brahma M says:

Naku music or don't have any knowledge.. But I'm just liking your videos . because you explanation and videos are organised.. good job…bro..

Swathi Pkb says:

Bro plz can you teach me in what's app

*Gajarla raghu* says:

Thank you bro

*Gajarla raghu* says:

This channel helped me to learn guitar

Gannisiva Gani says:

Hello sir. ….i am a beginer. I wanna a buy a guitar through online shopping .. Please suggest me a guitar ….

Keep Cool says:

very good bro but i need notes of whole

adityaprasanth medidi says:

Your name brother

Ravi Teja says:

Thanks for the videos bro…

Poluboina Srinivasulu says:

Best music learning channel thankyou sir

Chandra Rambabu says:

Bro I like your explanation

Madhavi Y says:

Bro nice classes
Continue it…
Please give me ur WhatsApp number I want to talk to u

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