Learn Music Theory – New Course Announcement and Walkthrough

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Check out Guy’s “Learn Music Theory” Course here

– – – – Learn Music Theory – – – –
A practical, entertaining, and straightforward course in how music works and how it is written down. Whether you are a guitarist, electronic musician, songwriter or just love music, Learn Music Theory will give you techniques to apply to your music straight away. This video course takes you from square one right through to more advanced topics like modes and chromatic harmony. 9 hours of videos, quizzes, course text and all for a special introductory price of £25/€25/$25.

This is music theory for guitarists, music theory for songwriters, music theory for producers – whoever you are this is the online music theory course for you.

Check out the free guide here to get you started: https://thinkspaceeducation.com/music-theory-in-under-30-minutes-download-050220/


MartinJG100 says:

Started the course last night. Looks really good. A light fresh approach. Interesting that you pay particular attention to the rebel 'guitarists' at the back of the class. Nice move. I always remember my classics faculty professor appealing to us in our very first lecture. 'It's my job' he said, 'not to teach you, but to inspire you to learn'. He was absolutely correct. Thanks for all your hard work. PS – Oh yes, completely agree with you on the Botticelli bit.

paul matthew says:

Started the course earlier and got through to the chords section. I've tried music theory courses before but I'm finally getting it with this one. I just watched a Youtube video about vocal pitch editing , and I actually understood what was being talked about regarding intervals(2nd , 3rd, 5th and 6ths) and dissonance! Great course so far and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about music theory. The only thing missing is a Hans Zimmer , John Williams or Danny Elfman cardboard cutout making an appearance. The course is amazing value for the content provided.

Heather Haze says:

I bought the course. I'm already reasonable knowledgeable about music theory. But it's so fundamental, a good review is always welcome. And for the absurdly low introductory price…why the heck not? Besides, I feel compelled to give back to Guy for the absolutely priceless info I've gleaned from watching his videos on YouTube. Thanks Guy!

Johannes Mazur says:

Never ever purchased an online course by anyone. This is definitely going to be the first and perhaps not the last one! I hope it'll show me how to make a piece/song musically consistent.

Moonhare Studio says:

I guess it would be churlish to refuse Guy! Keep on educating. I'm fortunate enough to have built up my musical gear over many (many) years but I can see a combo of this course and Spitfire's Discover orchestral library forming the basis for a lot of people, young and old, to really get into music composition affordably for the first time.

Nick Hope says:

Which to do first… this or the How To Write Music course?

CybreSmee says:

I seriously thought you were going to add “per month” after the $49 bit. Thats a crazy good deal, have enjoyed a few of your other courses, count me in!

Damiën Smidt says:

I'm so happy this is affordable, especially during these times of sitting at home. Thanks Guy

Ivo De Backer says:

I ordered the course last night. Guy is the kind of teacher everyone would like to go to. Lots of kids going to music school don't like it at first, but I bet they would if Guy was the one teaching them. As a kid I went to music school, but had to stop because of health issues and afterwards never went back. I like to think I would have stuck to it if that hadn't happened, but I'm sure if I had a fun, likeable teacher like Guy, I had finished my studies. Now, as a grown man, my only ambition is to have fun with music, and I am fine learning new things by watching YouTube and trying things on my own. But this course gave me some extra motivation to dig a little deeper and learn the theory behind my hobby. One thing though: not being English, what I learned as a kid is very different from the way notes are taught (you say C,D,E…, I learned do, re mi). The little I know of music theory will have to be erased while learning the "English way".

David Patheyjohns says:

If only cubase lowered their price, esp in the biggest recession. one bit of software i won't buy. Logic is half the price. Shame you don't use it.

David Patheyjohns says:

Is this for guitarists, as you need a guitar? I have a midi keyboard.

Ronald Kapaun says:

I am in, currently working through 'How to write music' and then I will start Film scoring, However, I may inject this course in between. Looking forward to another great class.

Bryan Fein says:

OHHH YEA! I'm a fan of Think Space's video courses. I'll be getting this one too!

glittaboy says:

Hi! I was wondering if there found be a discount for bundling ur class on music theory and and the other one, thank you!

steelej80 says:

Love your videos Guy, as someone very new to music I’ve just signed up for your course 🙂

Will Josef says:

I've joined quite a few music theory courses but they always lack information about stuff like harmonic series and such… do you include that in your course?

Christiaan Tinga says:

Oh wait, there's more. Yes, it's Michelmore! 🙂 Please keep doing this stuff forever. I must admint; I'm a fan!!

Gary Humphrey says:

I as a drummer studied music theory to communicate with noted musicians, basically guitarists. They seem to think it's going to put rules to writing but, just like any language, the more of a vocabulary you have the better you can express yourself. It's quite frustrating that they won't just try! I admit, guitar is not constructed with as easy of a view as keyboards. I once constructed a color coded chart to help them as well as myself, trying to grasp the nature of the guitars relativity to theory to no avail on their behalf. But, it did me more insight. By the way, I love your channel and your humor pertaining to something I love so much! Music! I once did a drum track to a Mozart piano concerto I would have to apologise to him for. It gave me a new appreciation for conductors. I love classical and jazz fusion and rock to play the drums to… Usually the more difficult stuff to learn and play.
Keep up the awesome work your doing. It gives me a lot of insight and enthusiasm to write again. Hopefully some guitarists will see the light as well!
Thank you so much!

0x4b55 says:

Is Harmony I/II a superset of the contents of this course?

Robert Philip says:

Jesus, that is what I wanted so long, Music theory with Guy Michelmore! Now I reading the introduction chapter of the course. And it seems really well invented, ‘Core Tutorials’, ‘Further Explanation’, ‘Going Deeper', Quizes. Wow, just like a beehive for the bear.

Robert Philip says:

Jesus, that is what I wanted so long, Music theory with Guy Michelmore! Now I reading the introduction chapter of the course. And it seems really well invented, ‘Core Tutorials’, ‘Further Explanation’, ‘Going Deeper', Quizes. Wow, just like a beehive for the bear.

Sockfoot says:

Sounds great Guy, I'm in!

Laegolasse says:

What can I say… You are amazing! I am up to both your courses on thinkspace)

Mungo Bungo says:

'Damn it just take my money!' Looks like a fantastic course. I really need this during lockdown so bought this right away. Thank you Guy!

Slow Descent to Wild says:

I was just thinking, your free videos are already so good – are you doing yourself out of business? Then I checked the link and saw that I'd get 9 hours of video for just £25! How can anyone turn that down? ! So I've bought it, and look forward to 9 hours of your company Mr Michelmore!

Dan Morton says:

Purchased the course, have confirmation of reciept and payment, but the course is not showing up. Just showes: You haven't joined any courses yet, this is sad…
Go to the store and sign up! Could not submit a ticket because it says I don't have a course…. Only thing I could do was send an email to contact@thinkspaceeducation.com not sure if I'm doing something wrong…very excited to try the course.

Ivo De Backer says:

I would like to know if the course will stay available to consult/learn many years from now. In other words, could I check parts of the course out in years to come, even when I already did the course before. Maybe it is necessary to come back to it once in a while, as you say you will add new content over time. And if so, will there be additional fees to be paid? The feedback section, is that like a forum where everyone adds his opinion, or is it more student/teacher orientated? Thanks Guy, your videos have reignited my interest in music.

Chris TD says:

Bought! Your content is so inspiring and fun. Cheers Guy 🙂

Slunks says:

Thanks Guy! This is super great and I'm looking to get into this soon!

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