Learn Music Theory Lesson 2 – How Chords are Constructed 101 – Triads, Inversions and Progressions

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This is lesson 2 in the Learn Music Theory 101 for beginners series. This specific lesson covers how triad chords are constructed. The triad chord is made up of three notes; the first, the third, and the fifth. A Major chord triad sounds bright and happy. The minor triad sounds dark and sad. You can place the notes in a different order to create inversions. There are three chord positions for triads; which are root position, first inversion, and second inversion. Be sure to check out my other music theory lessons and tutorials to help you better understand music!

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This tutorial will teach you the basics when it comes to reading sheet music and is especially useful if you are trying to learn how to play the piano.
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Sameena Kausar says:

Beautifully explained !
Thanks !

Arshdeep Singh says:

Is there any issue if we get the fifth note of a triad by understanding in this way – "moving three half steps to right from the third" rather than "moving 7 half steps towards right from the first"

Peter Gooding says:

Thank you very much. I am just starting my music journey and your lessons are helping me so much. Well done.

Jonny Savag says:

This is really helping me understand theory really well. Your great at teaching bro. Simple and to the point. Thanks.

Tory Nottingham says:

I'm trying to relearn piano (took lessons when I was 5-11, and 28 now), and I stumbled upon your "5 mistakes video". These lessons are great! There is so much I didn't know that I didn't know, so with my old foundation, these are very helpful! Thanks for posting all of this great information!

RS Music says:

thanks for posting this

Kadi Abdulaziz says:

Are your courses online different than the YouTube videos you post ?

Recording Quality Collaborations says:

great teaching!

Konata says:

Holy crap I thought the major, minor, diminished stuff sounded complicated until I watched this video, that's actually really simple. Major props.

JIis4KOOKonly says:

I'm studying this even though i don't have my own keyboard. Still saving up for it:) I'm going to be the keyboardist in our church so i want to learn how to play it. I'm interested in it! Thank you!

Michael Coates says:

Hey tim do you have these on dvd if so how can i purchase them

Yui Natsugawa says:

If only my music teacher teach us this clear and easy i will understand it much faster
My music teacher:1 lesson in one week
This: several lesson in one day
Thanks for this lessons!!

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