Learn Music Theory in Tamil – Part 1 – for Music Students and Music Producers

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Learn Music Theory easily. This is the first video in this series. Watch till end.

Download link for blank staff

Improve your singing – Voice Culture Tips

Link to practice space notes

Link to practice line notes

Link to practice space and line notes

Music Sight Reading App (Android)

My whatsapp number : 7904840178 (text only)

What is Staff?
A set of five horizontal lines and four spaces that each represent a different musical pitch.

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Mariappan Mari says:

Brother music theory will help to compose tunes and music

One man music band says:

Thank u sir….

The Master says:

How to make Stereo effects in song

Venkatesan Gopal says:

What's app number varala.please numper

k Sathya says:

Sir I have laptop but I don't have I konw how to use fl studio but without mic I have recording using headphones mic but how clear the noises


Sir, where is your music class in chennai ?

raja s says:

Super bro….daily video podhuga bro

Pravin kumar says:

Sound engineer pathi sollunga bro

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