June 9 2020 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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Don’t miss our live Club Cubase hangout at the Cubase YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notifications every time we schedule a hangout. In this sessions you can learn tips and tricks about our software. Questions can be submitted in advance to: clubcubase(at)steinberg.de #Live #Hangout #Cubase #Tips #Tricks #Questions

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Cubase says:

00:10:03. Is there an easier way to remove an insert effect other than selecting no effect?
00:11:02. How do you create a pre effect send?
00:12:41. Can you show how to use portamentos and glides on bass or strings?
00:15:14. How would go about mixing vocals to a stereo backing track?
00:18:36. Can you give some EQ tips on identifying bad frequencies?
00:22:38. Can you go over some chord editing options from inspector in key editor?
00:24:54. What is differences between 0dB on out meter and LUFS meter?
00:27:24. Is it possible to get away with cheap budget monitors if I have nice headphones?
00:31:09. Input monitor when listening to pre-recorded audio?
00:33:09. Can you show Step Designer?
00:40:01. Is there an optimal way to export audio without exporting the channel?
00:41:10. What is the control room for?
00:45:57. Is Cubase 11 on the horizon?
00:46:39. Does Cubase have a multiband splitter?
00:48:12. Is recording an issue after recording a segment with ARA in tape machine style monitoring?
00:51:10. Can you discuss new crash recovery found in Cubase 10.5.2?
00:52:28. How to do a decent cymbal roll in Groove Agent?
00:55:52. How to best find loops in Groove Agent?
00:58:34. If I can make music what can you recommend to get better with Cubase?
00:59:32. Is it possible to import export a signature track?
01:02:26. Is there a way for the chord pad to not record the trigger note in part?
01:05:46. Can you show trim automation?
01:08:54. Can you discuss different link types in MixConsole?
01:12:39. How to nudge mixed tuplets and triplets in score editor?
01:18:39. Do you have any insights on data recovery for deleted tracks?
01:20:24. Is there a way to split a stereo track to mono without splitting it?
01:21:11. Can you show how to move an audio event with all of its overlaps?
01:23:13. How can you export video in Cubase Artist?
01:23:52. How to render in place multiple MIDI tracks?
01:26:10. What is correct email address to reach you at?  clubcubase@steinberg.de
01:26:46. How to setup a hotkey to disable tracks?
01:30:18. How can we use WaveLab to finish our Cubase projects?
01:36:50. How not to automatically enable monitoring on recorded tracks?
01:38:01. Any key commands macros to activate project window and selecting first MIDI note?
01:44:19. Do you find Cubase harder to operate than Cubasis?
01:45:12. Why when copying chord from chord pad to track does the voicing get changed?
01:48:11. How to switch from an Instrument track to a MIDI track?
01:49:38. Is there an easy way to get rid of spaces between events?
01:52:20. Will Cubase run without the USB elicenser in the future?
01:54:20. What is the difference between all MIDI inputs, chord pads and MAudio controller?
01:55:30. Is it possible to find the LUFS value for selected audio range?
01:56:29. Is there a way to revert a stereo audio track to mon and vice versa?
01:58:10. Is there a chance of a Cubase Ambisonics tutorial video being done?
01:58:58. Is there a way to make vocals more distinct?
02:01:55. What are quick controls used for?
02:06:23. Can you show how to use the MIDI control insert to write data into track?
02:10:46. Any tips on soloing MIDI tracks?
02:14:14. How to fit recorded vocal to backing track using time warp tool?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQM0VQ3BNfg
02:24:17. What is the fastest way to unload an insert effect?
02:24:45. Do you have any India rhythms?
02:26:59. How to take tracks not recorded to a click and make change them to a steady tempo?
02:29:00. Why can’t I find my logical editor preset to assign a key command to?
02:31:38. Is it possible to have score editor show marker IDs?
02:32:35. What sample rate should I use for composing?
02:33:29. Is there a way to copy modulation automation back to MIDI CC info?
02:38:46. Can you show how save velocity patterns as presets?
02:41:30. Why when importing 44.1 files into 48k project does audio sound sped up?
02:43:07. What is best way to import samples around 3 seconds long and play them?
02:47:52. What is the status of the upcoming Nuendo update?
02:48:39. How to turn on volume to hear Steinberg?
02:49:22. Why don’t I see SpectraLayers in extensions in my Cubase version?
02:50:11. Is it possible to always have a vocal reference track 10dB lower than recorded vocal?
02:52:48. How to break audio files apart for each song from a long contiguous live recording?
02:57:53. Why are some drum elements missing when rendering out Groove Agent?
03:00:32. Is it possible to assign a key command to switch quick control layers pages?
03:01:54. Should I configure my controller to work as a Mackie Control or Quick Controls?
03:05:39. Does the remote control editor work with Mackie Control?
03:06:25. How to get rid of routings to older plug-ins in a project?
03:08:36. Why do some projects automatically load HSSE?
03:09:35. Does it make sense to have more instances of HALion6 with one instrument loaded in each?
03:10:38. If I drag audio from my project to Groove Agent or HALion will deleting the audio delete the samples to the instruments as well?
03:13:10. Why can’t I get Control Room or VST Connect Pro to work?
03:14:41. Can I run 4 different USB audio interfaces with Cubase at the same time?
03:16:21. Does EQ come before the send effects in signal flow?
03:17:23. Can Groove Agent’s acoustic agent follow the timing other MIDI parts?
03:19:19. Can I search for loops in MediaBay by time signature?
03:20:52. How to match tempo of 2 different audio tracks?
03:22:59. How to easily access automated parameters in HALion 6?
03:25:11. How to record over only a part of a track and replace a section?
03:26:44. How to get the audio from Cubase to play out of my PC?
03:28:06. What should I do with a large collection of drum samples?
03:29:28. Why are some quick controls show up as blank when reactivating an instrument?
03:30:35. Is Beat Designer still included with Cubase Pro 10.5?
03:31:10. Will there be discounts for updates to Cubase?
03:31:58. How to get a single key to start and stop recording in Cubase?
03:34:17. Does exporting mixer and fx from Groove Agent to Cubase MixConsole are rooms and OH for every source rendered?
03:37:45. Do buffer size matter when using render in place?
03:38:06. Can we change fader via on track via a key command or Project logical editor preset?
03:40:13. Is there a way to add an author name in Cubase when making PadShop presets?
03:45:21. Does Cubase include a plug-in similar to EZ Bass?
03:46:12. Can you discuss why to use a linear vs. musical mode tracks when scoring to video?
03:50:48. Wrap Up.  Stay safe and healthy.

Rene Lamy says:

Greg, thanks for answering my question at 3:17:23. Very much appreciated!

Gareth K Music says:

Apologies Greg for repeating my question. I didn't realise you'd answered it only 22 minutes in!

color caoz says:

Thank you Greg. Resourceful as always.

Greg Vancea says:

Ambisonics please!

Krapenitskiy says:

Greg, appreciate your answer about the author name at 3:40:18 It worked. Thanks!

HeyItsMe says:

keep up the good work Bboc

Anonymous says:

wanna be friends?

Anonymous says:

wanna be friends?

Hr. Schülling says:

Germany too

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