June 26 2020 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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Don’t miss our live Club Cubase hangout at the Cubase YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notifications every time we schedule a hangout. In this sessions you can learn tips and tricks about our software. Questions can be submitted in advance to: clubcubase(at)steinberg.de #Live #Hangout #Cubase #Tips #Tricks #Questions

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Cubase says:

00:10:06. What is the most convenient way to export stems all at once?
00:11:27. Can I just move my USB elicenser to run Cubase on different computers?
00:12:19. Can Steinberg indicate which plug-ins are included with each package?
00:13:36. Is there a dedicated tutorial video for working with video?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS9yL8AYHFg
00:15:09. Is there a way to keep mono tracks mono and stereo tracks stereo on batch export?
00:19:18. Is it possible to extract chords from a wav file of a piano?
00:20:06. Why can’t my client hear only talkback mic on VST Connect SE?
00:22:11. Is it possible to do a sample rate conversion without changing the pitch?
00:25:38. Are there any decent iOS based controllers that can work with Cubase?
00:26:49. Is there a key command that can increment/decrement volume by 1/10 dB?
00:30:57. Is there a way to play a project at half speed?
00:36:02. Why can I only access internal DSP of UR22C from inspector in Cubase?
00:39:56. Is there a way to scrub MIDI in Cubase?
00:43:00. How can I get a new elicenser code to reinstall Cubase on my PC?
00:44:03. How to eliminate 4 bars in the middle of a project that has tempo changes?
00:48:00. Can you route group buses to audio tracks in Cubase Artist?
00:48:39. Are there any upcoming exciting Yamaha and Steinberg developments of note?
00:50:03. Are there any issues moving a Cubase project from PC to iMac?
00:50:42. What version of Cubase is being used in the hangouts?
00:51:23. Can I use Elements or artist after losing my elicenser?
00:53:33. Does Cubase utilize the full screen on Mac?
00:54:07. How can you transpose the chords in a chord track?
00:55:37. How do you stream the DAW audio for your hangouts?
00:58:48. If I reinstall Cubase will I need to get a new CD key?
00:59:51. When I hit record why does the cursor jump to measure 1?
01:03:59. Why when adding a mono track to record guitar or bass there is no pan control?
01:06:11. Does Groove Agent have 80s electronic drum sounds included?
01:08:48. Is it possible to transfer comp license to USB elicenser?
01:09:23. Is there a game Connect feature in Cubase like Nuendo?
01:10:38. How to print an audio mix to a track in the current Cubase project?
01:14:24. Is there a link document to search all topics answered in hangouts?
01:16:10. How to force snap point point to be tied to the grid?
01:19:14. How to record sounds from a synth in a ipad as audio in Cubase?
01:20:48. Can you give an overview of the Envelope Shaper plug-in in Cubase on bass?
01:26:54. How to add 32 bars of space before a project?
01:28:41. What is the standard order of effects for a vocal?
01:31:58. How to best quantize an egg shaker?
01:35:43. How to delete range of silence in an audio region and move audio to fill space?
01:37:50. How to use LoopMash in a MIDI track?
01:43:25. How to copy and paste MIDI info from one track to another?
01:44:47. What processors are people using for new PC systems?
01:45:30. Will key commands be affected if not using a US based qwerty keyboard?
01:47:11. Can you show Arpache in how to make basslines for EDM?
01:51:50. Is there a way to keep track of downloads I got from Steinberg download assistant to avoid duplicate files?
01:54:15. Can save the output configuration of VEPro7 outputs in Cubase project?
01:55:55. Can we have the long sought out for capability to print the metronome as audio file?
01:57:24. How do I name a cycle maker in Cubase 10.5?
02:00:10. Can you suggest a portable drive as my internal SSD is almost full?
02:04:02. Why can’t I see all of my info line on Mac monitor?
02:06:41. Can I create an icon to see in MediaBay for my own sampled drum kits?
02:08:06. Why is the Steinberg Download Assistant appear white in MacOs Catalina?
02:09:04. How to change temp in a song with audio?
02:11:32. How to transfer user settings like preferences and key commands to my new Mac?
02:12:24. Do I get some discount after getting Cubase Pro for my existing PadShop 2 license?
02:16:30. Is there a way to superimpose a MIDI track and audio track in an editor?
02:18:15. How does the MIDI plug-in work on velocity?
02:22:25. Will HALion 6 be included in Cubase 11?
02:22:50. How to stretch audio to produce a tape effect?
02:26:06. Can you discuss the fine increase decrease parameter?
02:29:30. Why does Cubase Elements crash when editing audio from an 18 minute video?
02:31:34. Is there a plug-in that can apply synth sounds to a guitar input?
02:33:18. Why is Cubase Pro 10 ahead when recording?
02:34:37. Does using one reverb in a send use less CPU than running them as multiple inserts?
02:36:04. How does velocity in the MIDI piano roll editor work?
02:37:11. How can I activate my recently purchased Cubase?
02:38:54. Why can’t I hear loops as I preview them in the MediaBay?
02:40:06. How to best handle audio overlaps when working with the arranger track?
02:44:10. Why don’t I see LoopMash or LoopMashFX in my Cubase version?
02:45:08. What is this live stream about?
02:49:01. Why do I have problems with my UR 22 when charging my Asus laptop?
02:51:26. Does HALion import .nki file samples?
02:52:22. Is there a way to see a reverb processor as an effect and patch names together?
02:56:17. Can you share any tips on getting VSt Connect to connect for a session in Win 8.1?
02:57:22. Is it possible to select multiple parts on an audio track and quantizing them?
03:00:34. Is there a way to create a macro to rename cycle markers based on part name?
03:06:27. Is there a quicker way to access tap tempo other than opening beat calculator?
03:08:15. Why are there some files that I can not put in musical mode with ??? in tempo?
03:11:32. How to bounce audio events to include edits to easily pass on to users of other programs?
03:12:55. Are there key commands to open the VST Panner in MixConsole or key commands?
03:15:45. Why does it take so long to see plug-in presets for Steinberg plug-ins?
03:17:37. Will Cubase utilize all of the RAM in my system?
03:18:50. How to import tracks as individual files with and without bus processing?
03:26:10. How to toggle multiple tracks between musical and linear mode?
03:28:42. Is there an alternative key command preset for keyboards without numeric keypad?
03:30:29. Is there a way to convert 2 mono tracks to a stereo when importing into project?
03:32:30. Is there a way to do freeze multiple tracks in Cubase or Nuendo?
03:34:04. Why can’t I enable record on a particular track?
03:35:59. Why am I not hearing tracks in my project?
03:37:08. Can you explain the differences between the different stereo panners?
03:39:55. How to scale the velocity only of notes that are selected?
03:41:18. Is it possible to automate the main pitch wheel in HALion Sonic SE?
03:42:55. Can you discuss different control surfaces for Cubase that are not super expensive?
03:44:47. Why do I get a message saying I can not open file created in 10.5.12?
03:45:39. Can you discuss true peak meters and gain structure in Cubase?
03:47:10. How to transfer remote control editor settings to Quick Controls?
03:50:36. How to define velocity for keyboard in sampler track?
03:52:08. Can you use a 3d mouse for immersive audio mixing?
03:52:35. How to make the cursor in MIDI editor follow the project view?
03:54:12. What is the best way to report bugs to Steinberg?
03:54:43. How to rebalance track with existing automation?
03:56:14. Where can I post feature requests to Steinberg?
03:56:33. How to delete notes that are same pitch and length on top of each other?
03:57:50. Wrap up.  Stay safe and healthy.

Yasir says:

Can some one help me how can get quarter tone in cubase pro. Not using micro tune plugin cose is not worked with all instruments or synths.

Pablo Vázquez says:

Thanks Greg!!

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