June 16 2020 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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Don’t miss our live Club Cubase hangout at the Cubase YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notifications every time we schedule a hangout. In this sessions you can learn tips and tricks about our software. Questions can be submitted in advance to: clubcubase(at)steinberg.de #Live #Hangout #Cubase #Tips #Tricks #Questions

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Cubase says:

00:10:09. How to configure my Korg M1 to work with Cubase?
00:14:03. How to get rid of quiet hiss from a guitar amp?
00:17:17. What is the microphone for song?
00:17:56. Can Groove Agent keep its samples in the pool?
00:21:35. How to start a song from scratch?
00:22:49. Is it possible to scroll the last song in a project to the center?
00:25:21. Is there any way to convert quad groups to stereo groups?
00:27:21. Can I correct a recording from tape in Nuendo that was recorded at the wrong speed?
00:31:06. Can you tell me what HALion 6 is all about?
00:33:32. Can you show how to comp tracks?
00:36:19. Can you show a little bit about Padshop2?
00:40:16. Why do I have such a latency problem with my Yamaha digital piano as a controller?
00:42:33. What causes the message one of the targets can’t be aligned?
00:45:19. What is the best least expensive way to purchase WaveLab?
00:46:28. Should I take advantage of the Cubase to Nuendo promotion?
00:48:03. How to get more stable MIDI clock without jitter for hardware synths?
00:50:32. How to do slip editing on guitar parts?
00:53:03. How to tidy up guitar parts after editing?
00:55:49. How to set up Cubase for live performance work?
01:01:23. What is panning?
01:03:42. Is there a Cubase version for iphone?
01:04:01. What recommendations do you have for learning Cubase?
01:05:28. Is there a utility to verify that all parts of Cubase are up to date?
01:06:40. Is there a best practice to create MIDI grooves from a mastered track?
01:08:30. Why doesn’t my nectar 3 plug-in work with Cubase 10.5?
01:09:45. Why does Groove Agent pattern only play once and stop on second MIDI note?
01:12:33. Can we use only once instance of SpectraLayers in a project?
01:14:10. Is the USB elicenser available anywhere but Amazon in India?
01:14:38. How to pair a digital mixer with the Cubase mixer?
01:16:06. How to bounce separate audio files to one mixdown file in the project window?
01:18:38. How to merge multiple MIDI tracks into one part?
01:20:39. Can you explain how to work with channel monitoring in Cubase 10.5?
01:22:40. Will Cubase 11 score editor see Dorico functionality?
01:23:52. How to easily select multiple automation points?
01:25:34. How to color all selected tracks at once?
01:26:45. How to make my vocals in perfect time with the tempo of the song?
01:29:17. Is there a template for NI Maschine Micro?
01:30:18. How to have a bunch of rack instruments following just one single MIDI track?
01:32:38. Will disabling system components provide more CPU power?
01:34:05. Do I have to worry about crossfades when using comping or editing with scissors tool?
01:37:42. How to improve audio performance on my system when using HALion?
01:41:49. Does doing a bounce selection include effects?
01:42:48. Is it possible to do a EQ Low Cut from a keyboard shortcut?
01:45:57. Why can’t I find export video in my Cubase 10.0.6?
01:46:38. Is there a way to have fades applies automatically to the start and end of each clip?
01:47:20. Is it possible to be in monitor and hear newly recorded audio track and existing audio track at the same time?
01:48:37. How configurable are the controls on a CC121 controller?
01:50:03. How to automate a wah wah guitar effect in Cubase?
01:52:48. What does constrain delay compensation do and why does volume go down after enabling it?
01:56:29. Is it possible to use a USB mic as a talkback for the control room?
01:58:05. Can I transfer my Cubase Elements from a Mac to a new PC that I just built?
01:59:06. How can I replace a kick or snare with a drum trigger in Cubase?
02:02:31. Any way to make TGuitar less CPU intensive?
02:03:45. Does GrooveAgent 5 have MIDI output ports like GrooveAgent SE?
02:05:32. How can I write a G/B chord in the chord track?
02:06:19. How can I change my default project folder as my C drive is getting full?
02:07:29. Will Cubase meet what I need for mastering or should I get WaveLab?
02:11:50. Which folders are essential to backup to retain user settings and presets?
02:13:11. How to do a tape stop effect in Cubase?
02:15:15. How can I import all of my project settings without the audio and MIDI parts?
02:16:36. How to make a soft calm chord pluck with included sounds?
02:18:33. How to consolidate a MIDI region?
02:19:47. Will there be a master catalog of all topics covered in hangouts? 
02:20:51. How to access presets in Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance and Dark Planet from Absolute 4?
02:24:11. How to extract notes from a chord to a new MIDI track?
02:28:39. Which DAW multi fader control surfaces do you recommend for Cubase?
02:31:22. Why does render in place often include multiple tracks erroneously?
02:32:32. How can I find the channel latency in the MixConsole?
02:33:40. Will the SpectraLayers hangout be on this channel?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIF1eVPE9VM&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0mAZNRC-mmmGsXgoxO_OVsD7nEwVQAbj4wdKsA-lsjSj137R84R3QWi6M
02:35:10. Where can I download Cubase 5?  https://www.steinberg.net/en/shop.html
02:36:08. How can I arrange the inserts list to not see certain plug-ins?
02:37:44. Do preferences transfer from Mac to PC?
02:38:03. Any tips for mixing saxophone so it is not thin and artificial?
02:40:36. Is there a cure Cubase for Cubase addiction?
02:42:06. Can you provide a link to June 12th Club Cubase hangout?
02:43:41. Comment on excitement recording 32bit with UR22C?
02:44:25. Can Cubase control minimum and maximum CC values?
02:47:52. Where should I put a tape saturation plug-in in the signal chain?
02:49:27. Why are windows aquare but graphics are round in GUI?
02:50:03. How to work with volume automation on audio clips?
02:52:05. Will there be a way to renumber the tracks inside the MixConsole?
02:52:52. When will Cubase Pro 11 be released?
02:53:24. Is it possible that when I select a track in Mixer to focus that track in the project window?
02:55:12. Can I use my Scarlet solo, a Yamaha R16 and a soundblaster for use in Control Room?
02:56:30. Why do my exported files have a higher pitch than the project?
02:57:07. Is it easy to move projects between Cubase on Mac and PC?
02:59:16. Are VST Quick controls universal or project based?
03:00:59. How to insert locators automatically in audio file name in export audio mixdown?
03:02:17. Can Cubase read wav metadata when imported from SoundMiner?
03:03:08. Can I easily select if an insert is mono or stereo in Cubase?
03:04:03. How to change the pitch of existing notes in the score editor using a MIDI keyboard?
03:12:20. How to create separate SATB parts from a piano part??
03:14:44. Why is Cubase spl off when using divide track list and lower zone editor?
03:16:36. How to route 3 output channels to a single compressor?
03:17:53. Can I recommend a Yamaha mixer to connect old hardware to Cubase?
03:20:22 Can you recommend a broken microphone that works well?
03:20:55. Why does time stretch in VariAudio stop working after setting a tempo definition for the file?
03:22:12. Can we turn audio into MIDI at least bass and drums?
03:23:39. Why is playhead messed up when using lower zone editor with a divided tracks?
03:25:08. How should I import mono stems and use stereo inserts for dual mono processing?
03:27:18. If I extract a vocal melody will I be able to vocal melody line?
03:27:53. Is it possible notate my SD 2 files in Dorico?
03:30:10. Is there anything to be aware of when getting help via TeamViewer to learn Cubase?
03:31:03. Will Steinberg include a gain reduction meter for 3rd party plug-ins?
03:31:39. What is need to make a plug-in parameter work via the AI knob on the CC121?
03:32:33. How to stop effects from bleeding through with group tracks when mixing reggae music?
03:36:03. Can we extract a polyphonic keyboard part from a mixed wav file?
03:36:31. How can I control channel strip processors via MIDI?
03:38:19. Wrap Up.  Stay safe and healthy.

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