June 12 2020 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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Don’t miss our live Club Cubase hangout at the Cubase YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notifications every time we schedule a hangout. In this sessions you can learn tips and tricks about our software. Questions can be submitted in advance to: clubcubase(at)steinberg.de #Live #Hangout #Cubase #Tips #Tricks #Questions

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Cubase says:

00:10:26. How to remap drum sounds from one instrument to another?
00:14:03. How to best find missing sounds and plug-ins in older projects?
00:16:13. Is it necessary to render VSTi tracks to audio before mixing and mastering?
00:17:38. Can you adjust the rhythmic timing of notes from an arpeggiated synth?
00:21:34. What is the best way to export a Nuendo project into a Pro Tools Session, i.e. sends and groups?
00:26:02. How can I speed up my MediaBay load times?
00:27:50. How to render Groove Agent MIDI track to individual audio files?
00:31:57. What is the best way to route Traktor into Cubase?
00:33:50. Can you do a quick overview of how audio clips can match the key of your project?
00:36:22. Can you compare Cubase 10.5 and Nuendo?
00:40:42. How to add a drum fill from Groove Agent into project?
00:43:32. How can I load Steinberg Model E in Cubase 10.5?
00:45:00. Can you please give me a Cubase 11?
00:45:20. Can I use a reference track in Cubase and not have it go through master bus effects?
00:50:14. How to setup the generic remote to pan the selected channel?
00:54:52. How to send the audio of my click to a different output of my audio interface?
00:58:33. How to slightly shift MIDI in block chords in key editor?
01:02:02. How to do a crossgrade from Ableton if Amazon is sold out of elicenser keys?
01:03:49. Is it possible to select multiple tracks from the find tracks window?
01:07:39. Where can I send Cubase product suggestions to?
01:08:11. Why would you use the delay compensation in the inspector?
01:10:01. Why has my VariAudio tab disappeared?
01:11:21. Can you record a looped arrangement track back into Cubase?
01:14:42. How can you extract chords from a MIDI part to make chord chart?
01:16:40. What are some advantages of entering noted in the drum editor as opposed to just playing in from a keyboard?
01:20:04. How can I arm multiple tracks at the same time?
01:22:18. Are CC121 controllers still being made?
01:23:13. How to easily navigate your arrangement in Cubase?
01:27:20. Is there a way to get the Nuendo plug-ins operational in Cubase?
01:28:13. Why does my MIDI controller say it is sending one controller but transmitting another?
01:31:01. How to bind master volume to a MIDI fader after creating a large template?
01:32:25. How to get tracks colored automatically like I see in Greg’s Cubase?
01:34:48. How can I remove all sample slots in backbone at once?
01:36:41. How to setup for reamping a guitar?
01:39:24. How to export stem tracks with the mixbus processing?
01:43:38. Is there a way to use a USB joystick with Cubase?
01:44:29. Why has my computer slowed down since updating to Cubase 10.5.2?
01:45:28. Why is automation act like it is locked when editing it?
01:48:16. Why is soloing strange when I have mute automation on a track?
01:49:54. Why is there no automatic attack to tube compressor?
01:50:38. IS there a possibility of adding dual mono capabilities to a stereo insert?
01:51:35. Can you show how to use the root key from the info line?
01:55:52. Is the channel EQ comparison feature available in Cubase Elements?
01:56:52. How can I see the RMS value of a file in Cubase Elements?
01:57:46. How to use reference tracks in Cubase Elements?
01:58:47. Is it possible to have audio statistics after applying processes without rendering audio?
01:59:47. Will having a VPN connection have bad impact on Cubase performance?
02:00:48. Is there any way to make the text smaller in the MixConsole label?
02:02:15. What is the advantage of using sends as opposed to multiple inserts?
02:07:44. How to do fade in and fade out of MIDI parts in Cubase?
02:09:48. How to sync my Ketron keyboard to Cubase?
02:12:33. How to get the grid to show a signature of 1/3?
02:14:21. How to be more precise with block chord editing using logical editor?
02:18:15. Discuss how to use the logical editor?
02:21:16. How to edit the names of the markers on the marker track?
02:23:42. Which Cubase comes with my Cubase UR22MKII?
02:24:35. Why is there latency on tracks in some projects?  Shouldn’t it be compensated for automatically?
02:29:34. Is there a Cubase app to control Cubase’s transport panel remotely?
02:29:57. What advice can be shared on migrating a Cubase 8.5 project to Cubase 10.5?
02:32:01. Will I lose out on certain Cubase features if I crossgrade from Cubase to Nuendo?
02:32:57. Are Nuendo projects compatible with Cubase users and vice versa?
02:33:59. Can I use other USB interfaces in addition to my main interface for reamping a guitar part?
02:36:22. How to change signature on grid to show 1/3 notes?
02:38:15. How to set name of exported audio file?
02:40:30. How to move audio to GrooveAgent pads removing silence?
02:42:32. How to copy a MIDI clip from one track to another without the name coming from 1st clip?  Preferences – Editing – check Parts get Track Names
02:44:50. Are there groups on Facebook to get in touch with other Cubase users? 
02:45:30. Why does every Cubase mixdown launch WaveLab Elements after installing the trial version?
02:46:32. What are the differences between bus tracks and group tracks?
02:51:23. Is it OK to write all of my music in 1/3 and use autotune on my master bus?
02:52:20. How can I access my sound packs from my hard drive in Cubase?
02:53:57. How do I finish the tempo of a finished song?
02:57:20. What is the difference between Cubase and Nuendo?  Why the need for 2 separate products?
02:59:23. Is there a way to assign a jog functionality to a mouse scroll wheel?
03:00:20. Can you explain what the master bus is and how it works?
03:02:48. Can you do the range drag and drop in Groove Agent 4?
03:03:56. Is the Houston controller still compatible with Cubase version 10.5?
03:04:29. What is the difference between 44.1k and 96k sample rates?
03:06:08. How to not have the stationary cursor between 2 monitors fall between monitors?
03:09:17. How to remove the (D) indication for a duplicated track and replace with 002?
03:13:52. What tempo do you set project at when band does not want to record with click?
03:17:11. What would stop me from dragging a piece of audio into the sampler track?
03:18:01. Can we sample Greg’s voice to use in a Cubase project?
03:18:36. Can you explain what a reference mix is?
03:20:13. How can I convert the Arpache MIDI insert into real MIDI parts?
03:24:33. Can we please use shift + control + tab to switch between open Cubase windows?
03:25:34. Can you show LoopMashFX?
03:28:17. Have you discussed the Nuendo anniversary promo?
03:28:38. Has Arpache been around for a long time?
03:28:53. How to free up resources when I use too many plug-ins on my AMD processor?
03:30:51. Are there any tricks to finding the downbeat after doing a tempo detection?
03:33:23. How to automate the step designer plug-in on and off?
03:36:32. Is it possible to a user loop to the users folder in MediaBay like MIDI loops?
03:38:02. Are there any key commands to bring project window to focus?
03:39:30. Can you make a macro to open editor and select the first MIDI note?
03:40:44 Why does enabling tape machine monitoring cause recording problems after a part with ARA extensions enabled?
03:43:09. What do deessers and brickwall limiters do?
03:44:04. What should come first compressor or EQ?
03:45:27. Why when recording in Cubase 5 does it freeze up?
03:46:00. How to record mono and stereo files from GrooveAgent?
03:52:14. Wrap Up.  Stay safe and healthy.

Krapenitskiy says:

Greg, thanks again for answering my question about audio-loops 03:36:32 You even solved my question about adding favourites. I was oblivious about the right-click. Now I'll know.

David Wyatt says:

New to this battling with the communication tech at the moment see what I can glean

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