July 6 2020 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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Don’t miss our live Club Cubase hangout at the Cubase YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notifications every time we schedule a hangout. In this sessions you can learn tips and tricks about our software. Questions can be submitted in advance to: clubcubase(at)steinberg.de #Live #Hangout #Cubase #Tips #Tricks #Questions

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Cubase says:

00:09:17. How do I copy settings from a bass part from Cubase 8.5 project to Cubase 10.5?
00:11:18. Can there be more WaveLab covered in these hangouts?
00:12:02. How do I find a tempo track of audio file that I have recorded?
00:14:10. Is it possible to resample with effects in Groove Agent?
00:21:00. What is the best laptop for Cubase 10.5?
00:22:05. Does Nuendo offer more than 4 cue mixes in the control room?
00:23:02. How to extract a MIDI pattern and velocity to apply to other parts?
00:26:15. Does the root key function affect samples in the MediaBay?
00:28:26. Why has latency introduced itself when recording my guitar?
00:33:37. How do I sync my hardware instruments to Cubase so they play when I hit record?
00:36:46. How to setup parallel processing in Cubase?
00:43:14. What is this hangout about?
00:43:40. Is there a way to render in place in real time?
00:46:11. How to restrict a split note into harmonies that follow a chord track?
00:52:47. What you would you suggest on cleaning up a bad recording with effects?
00:55:10. Why isn’t my Komplete Kontrol working in 10.5 as well as it did in 10.04?
01:00:03. Why does the latest version of Cubase cause more problems for my soundcard?
01:01:03. Is it necessary to have the red input faders visible?
01:03:36. Why am I confused about zooming and activating cycle mode from main timeline?
01:05:12. Why has my mod wheel stopped working with Kontakt 6?
01:08:47. Why is the wrong pattern dragged from Groove Agent preset Drinking Habits?
01:13:16. What is the benefit of loading Groove Agent this way?
01:14:19. How do I set the edit channel settings window to always on top?
01:16:19. Is it possible to change the MIDI track tempo?
01:18:07. How to create a mono track into a stereo track without creating a new track?
01:23:05. Are there any suggested keyboard shortcuts for reverse or bounce in place?
01:25:44. Why when I solo a track and the FX track do I hear other tracks in the effect return?
01:28:27. Will there be the possibility of having more than 32 VCA channels?
01:30:03. Is there a common link that can cause instability in Cubase?
01:31:36. Is there an included plug-in that can split frequency ranges in Cubase?
01:34:00. How can I change my file association in Windows so double clicking a cpr file opens Cubase Pro 10.5?
01:36:14. How can I audition my own drum wave files in right hand side MediaBay?
01:38:47. How to mix and match different patterns with multiple agents in Groove Agent 5?
01:44:33. Does Cubase have a built in tool to remove room tone, noise mic pre noise from audio files?
01:46:06. Why are my menu headers a bit visually obscured in Cubase?
01:47:18. Did I make a mistake going to StudioOne?
01:47:49. Does Cubase extract chords from audio?
01:48:20. Will the track delay function help with latency when tracking guitars?
01:50:46. Did it make sense to switch away from Cubase for drag and drop functionality?
01:52:12. Can Greg suggest any online training for beginners?
01:53:31. Can you show how to to do tuning and fine tuning of audio in Cubase?
01:58:04. How to get the pre rack in the mixer to be shown by default?
02:02:55. How to anchor the stereo out to the right side of the MixConsole?
02:04:09. Are there any render as loop options in Cubase?
02:05:12. How to rename parts in the arranger track to verse, chorus, bridge etc.?
02:06:38. Can you change the envelope gain of a stereo clip in the sample editor?
02:07:26. Is there a way to create a user attribute for audio files in MediaBay?
02:09:14. Why does my Cubase not show different forms of a chord on chord pad?
02:11:03. Will it be possible to print full signal path in batch export?
02:12:28. Why does the volume of my Battery VST go silentwhen I move the MIDI fader?
02:16:23. Can the chord pads show different inversions?
02:17:09. How can I solve latency problems when I record?
02:19:26. Can you enlighten me on working with sysex data in Cubase?
02:21:57. Can you do an audio mixdown to mono and stereo in one go?
02:26:45. How to fix a bad mix that sounds flat and has no thump?
02:29:06. What is the easiest way to save an edited audio clip to be accessed in MediaBay?
02:30:19. What would cause my mod wheel to only transmit values of 88-127?
02:31:40. How can I sync the tempo of Cubase and my Roland Fantom G6 keyboard?
02:33:52. Why don’t my chord pads show different chord pad forms?
02:36:35. Is there a function that can minimize the edit window to the lower part of screen?
02:41:20. What synth is Retrologue trying to emulate?
02:41:49. How can I make a single voice sound like a choir in Cubase?
02:44:50. Is it possible to add more user defined categories and sub categories in MediaBay?
02:46:10. What can cause a delay in my MIDI playback after 20 minutes of time?
02:47:08. How to use electronic drums as a controller with Groove Agent 5?
02:49:45. Why are the video clips I load in lagging when I load them in?
02:51:40. How to use FLStudio as a VST plug-in in Cubase?
02:52:18. Are there different display options for the chord pads?
02:55:37. Does VariAudio share technology from Celemony Melodyne?
02:56:08. Does Greg have a total Cubase video tutorial course available?
02:58:20. How can you colorize the MixConsole faders?
02:59:18. What is the advantage and importance of the logical editor?
03:05:34. Can you discuss buses and how to make the best use of them?
03:09:42. How to transfer Cubase preferences to make them work in Nuendo?  https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360000327730-Location-file-paths-of-presets-in-Cubase-and-Nuendo-
03:11:51. How can I create and drag a pattern from Groove Agent into Cubase and spit each sound to its own track without adding more instances of the plug-in?
03:16:56. How to isolate the voice in an older recording?
03:20:16. Is there a complete series of beginner tutorials that are up to date with current versions?
03:20:48. What levels are ideal for recording vocals at?
03:22:24. How can I add pictures of 3rd party VST plug-ins in my MediaBay?
03:23:33. How to create an mixer view of only selected tracks?
03:30:01. Why did I lose the ability to record in 10.5?
03:32:03. Will the hangouts now be on Mondays?
03:33:32. How to delete or add ranges on one or several tracks?
03:35:52. How to get my backing track and live track from MR816to broadcast over Zoom?
03:39:47. How to get 3 audio files with different tempos to automatically match?
03:42:11. What is the best way for a contemporary composer to come to grips with MIDI?
03:44:38. How to configure my motu interface for headphone mixes and direct routing in Cubase?
03:48:17. When using the chord track color scheme in MIDI editors why are some notes bright blue?
03:49:57. Can I have Cubase play at half or double speed and change pitch like an analog tape machine?
03:54:00. How can I export a Groove Agent kit with the samples?
03:55:34. How to have a sample in the sampler track not change the speed when playing lower or higher notes?
03:56:33. Wrap up.  Stay safe and healthy.

sxdrujandis says:

totally forgot about the show latency part of the mixer.. +1

Agent К видео says:

2:42:48 Cloner is pretty amazing.

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