July 31 2020 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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Don’t miss our live Club Cubase hangout at the Cubase YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notifications every time we schedule a hangout. In this sessions you can learn tips and tricks about our software. Questions can be submitted in advance to: clubcubase(at)steinberg.de #Live #Hangout #Cubase #Tips #Tricks #Questions

We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you.
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Cubase says:

00:09:54. Is it possible to change the order in the VST Instrument rack?

00:11:26. Is it possible to move an automation node in time without moving its value?

00:13:39. What is the best way to sample a dobro in Cubase 10.5?

00:17:01. How to normalize the volume of an piano audio file to -14 LUFS?

00:18:28. How to convert a piano MIDI file into chord track data?

00:19:54. Why do I get dropouts writing to a mechanical hard drive on USB bus?

00:21:53. How to access the plug-in latency monitor?

00:23:28. How to get more colors from the color palette?

00:25:17. Is it safe to uninstall Cubase 10 after installing Cubase 10.5?

00:26:05. What does the MIDI input in the VariAudio editor do?

00:27:26. Why does the cloner cause timing problems when in bypass mode?

00:28:56. How to get the ruler track in 10.5 to show time in seconds?

00:30:23. Can you demo how to slip audio in Cubase?

00:32:04. Is there a way to remove the locator bars from being visible?

00:33:32. Can I beg Steinberg to put BackBone on sale now?

00:34:12. Can I use other instruments besides HALion Sonic SE in Dorico SE?

00:36:55. Will Steinberg fix incorrectly closing projects that use Acustica plug-ins?

00:38:21. Is it possible to free warp multiple tracks at once?

00:39:50. What Steinberg sounds would be good for a sci fi soundtrack?

00:42:11. What would be the one piece of external effects processor that Greg would buy?

00:43:45. How to replace multiple of the same samples used in a project easily?

00:45:41. Has Sir Hans dubbed Greg an honorary member of Team Zimmer?

00:46:28. Why are icons of drum tracks recorded through group tracks greyed out?

00:52:51. How to get the radio quality EQ filter thing used on lots of metal songs?

00:55:08. Why does my bass drum track not play after being put into a folder?

00:57:01. How to work with effect tails when doing offline processing?

01:00:14. How to tell if a group track is mono or stereo?

01:02:26. How to make a macro to open a specific plug-in on the master bus?

01:04:45. How to optimize my 12 core processor and 128 gigs of RAM computer?

01:07:19. How to do collaboration in Cubase?

01:09:13. Is there to make the guidelines not disappear when zooming?

01:11:56. Why did my event fades on audio parts disappear?

01:13:30. How to work with different guitar riffs in a project all recorded at different tempos?

01:17:31. Should I record the vocal with or without dynamics compression?

01:18:51. How to setup mono audio tracks to follow a chord track?

01:22:08. How to unmute muted MIDI notes?

01:30:11. Why does the MIDI loop play differently when triggered from a chord pad?

01:34:39. How to transfer contents of one template into another working template?

01:35:25. How do I slow down several tracks without them getting out of sync?

01:38:57. How to create a template from an existing song without parts?

01:40:40. Why is the waveform image in Cubase pixelated?

01:42:56. How to change the transport stop behavior on the fly without menu surfing?

01:45:30. How to assign a command to be controlled by Cubase IC Pro?

01:46:53. What is Greg’s favorite 3rd party plug-in for mastering?

01:49:54. Can you run through some of the functions of VST Connect Pro?

02:00:42. Does the Cubase 10.5 license work withCubase 4 and 5?

02:02:22. Why do I sometimes get ghost automation in my project?

02:05:53. How to add expression or mod wheel data to an already existing MIDI track?

02:08:55. Does Steinberg offer more Cubase templates that can be downloaded?

02:10:08. Is there a way to see chords that you are playing in real time?

02:12:19. Why did Cubase version 10.5 kill my Cubase 4 and Cubase 5 license?

02:14:50. Can Cubase 10.5 be reinstalled without changing the VST plug-in folder?

02:15:39. Can you show the difference in linear and musical mode in scoring to picture?

02:22:24. How to see multiple parts in a MIDI editor without gluing parts together?

02:25:14. Is it possible to free warp multiple tracks at the same time?

02:25:31. How to setup a fader to control the volume of a MIDI track via quick controls?

02:28:34. How to make the upper window the same as the lower one?

02:29:43. How to make tempo edits snap to the grid?

02:31:32. How to show hitpoints to align to grid when moving?

02:34:33. How to quantize a region of audio without using hitpoints?

02:36:36. How to convert audio to MIDI?

02:40:26. How to make a macro to select all muted events?

02:43:19. Can Cubase present a pop to enter user defined variables?

02:44:24. Is it possible to change the contrast of automation lane data?

02:47:28. How to run Melodyne in Cubase?

02:49:41. Is a 12 core 2014 Mac pro with 64 gigs of RAM beefy enough for Cubase 10.5?

02:51:30. Can Expression Maps like those for Iconica be used with other sample libraries?

02:52:56. Why does the automation bar disappear when I zoom in too much?

02:54:02. How to audition MIDI loops in the MediaBay?

02:55:14. Does Cubase have a transient to tab like feature?

02:57:40. How to route audio from Cubase out to a program like Zoom?

02:59:50. Is there a way to batch convert Cakewalk Sonar files into Cubase file format?

03:02:02. Is there a way to record Windows system sounds into Cubase?

03:04:13. Why don’t I hear audio as I move notes in VariAudio?

03:06:05. Why does my Kontakt go to a white screen when exiting Cubase?

03:07:31. Any tips for tweaking tempo detection to mitigate further complex edits?

03:12:32. IS there a way to have the input folder from auto populating upon starting a project?

03:14:50. Is there a VST Server option to offload VSTis to another computer?

03:16:42. What is the best way to set up an external sound module in Cubase?

03:19:03. How do I completely delete my Cubase projects?

03:20:31. How to overdub expression automation onto a track?

03:22:04. Where can I find more Alan Morgan channel presets?

03:23:09. Is it possible to use Expression Maps on EastWest instruments?

03:25:00. Is there a way to se chord recognition as they are played?

03:28:06. Can I have more than one sound and more instruments active at the same time?

03:29:11. Does Yamaha make affordable studio headphones good for mixing?

03:33:05. Why do I still not hear anything when clicking on the MIDI loop in MediaBay?

03:34:05. What is the difference between exporting audio in real time vs faster than real time?

03:37:11. How to split VST instruments across processor cores?

03:38:22. Does VariAudio work on polyphonic material?

03:38:53. Why does the phrase change when triggering MIDI loops from chord pads?

03:39:48. Do AMD Ryzen processors work well with Cubase?

03:40:33. Are there any plans for mixers to be released for Cubase?

03:41:34. What is the difference in 32 and 64 bit processing precision?

03:45:39. Is it possible to use Project Logical Editor make a track go to top?

03:47:26. How to have metronome count down at current position’s tempo?

03:49:58. How to edit one channel of a stereo interleaved file independently?

03:51:15. What does the Prepare archive function in the Media menu do?

03:55:53. Will VST System Link work over Ethernet connection?

03:55:05. Is there a way to change the color of the TimeWarp markers?

03:56:28. How to get Beat Agent kits in Groove Agent to have multiple outputs?

03:58:08. Wrap up. Stay safe and healthy.


Will Ramos says:

Hello Greg Im Will from the country of El Salvador and i wacht most of the videos whe you are live, today i was able to see the video, but i rand into a question just know and would like to know i have a project that i send to my drumer and he recorded the drums and send me the midi files but im not able to synk the time to the midi file he send me the song starts at 70bpm and changes to 125 bpm is their a way to make the midi play at thoes times thanks for the help

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