July 24 2020 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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Don’t miss our live Club Cubase hangout at the Cubase YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notifications every time we schedule a hangout. In this sessions you can learn tips and tricks about our software. Questions can be submitted in advance to: clubcubase(at)steinberg.de #Live #Hangout #Cubase #Tips #Tricks #Questions

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Cubase says:

00:10:18. Does Cubase or HALion have any crunchy rock guitar tones?

00:12:06. Any sounds that can be used for action cinematic sounds?

00:15:46. Can a MIDI track be analyzed to create a chord track?

00:18:37. How close and fast rhythmically can a chord track play back?

00:20:27. How to pan left and right channels independently on a stereo track?

00:22:25. How to compare 3 mixes and a reference by selecting with one mouse click?

00:28:54. Why does my Sonarworks plug-in make my exported mix sound tinny?

00:30:46. How to get click volume to show up in floating control room and MixConsole?

00:32:27. What does the delay compensation threshold preference used for?

00:36;11. Is it normal for my RME interface to show 4 options in sound devices?

00:37:35. Where is the pitch tilt in VariAudio 3?

00:40:06. How to place an anchor for where to tilt pitch in VariAudio?

00:40:49. Can you discuss the different pitch snap modes?

00:43:02. Why does my TGuitar play an 1/8th note late?

00:47:36. Why does nothing show up such as categories and sub categories in LooopBrowser?

00:49:22. How to create a drum score when using more than one kick drum?

00:51:45. How to anchor inputs and stereo out in lower zone MixConsole?

00:53:09. How to learn Cubase as a beginner?

00:54:27. How to fix a mix with super compressed guitars and lacking impact?

00:58:52. Why do my VST instruments and sampler tracks clip when starting out?

01:03:29. If a modify a PadShop preset an save it will it affect the original preset?

01:06:28. Is it possible to resize the score editor and see it in landscape mode?

01:09:15. Can you show some options for note length in step entry?

01:13:41. What are some of the best practices for saving templates?

01:16:55. How to configure a Yamaha MIDI flute with Cubase?

01:18:38. Where is the plug-in information in Cubase 10.5?

01:19:58. Are all of the included Cubase sounds royalty free?

01:20:20. Does the current promotion give $40 off BackBone as well?

01:21:19. Why has my bass drum disappeared from the folder it was placed in?

01:22:28. Will BackBone Se come in Cubase 11, please Greg?

01:23:01. Do all of the sounds used so far come stock in Cubase Pro?

01:23:40. Any tips on recording children, female about 10-12 years old?

01:24:46. What are the options for keeping track notes in Cubase?

01:28:38. Can an acoustic guitar track correspond to chord track changes?

01:29:54. How to set all tracks to unity gain in the MixConsole?

01:31:42. How to get the tail to work for reverb type effects in direct offline processing?

01:36:26. How to humanize arpeggiated parts in a sequence?

01:41:13. Why doesn’t audiowarped audio not bounce?

01:43:58. Could a reference track be implemented without using a cue mix?

01:44:55. Is there a VST that can emulate Jimi Hendrix’s guitar playing or wah wah?

01:46:14. How to use key editor options to create a chord track?

01:48:34. How to lower the volume on MIDI drum tracks?

01:54:19. How to move tracks to top or bottom of the session?

02:01:22. How to get bends on a guitar solo to go a bit further?

02:05:01. Can we switch the output from stereo to mono?

02:07:01. Can you run a VSTi from a network?

02:08:18. How to recover the top control bars settings cogwheel if it goes offscreen?

02:11:05. How to setup a MIDI guitar in Cubase?

02:13:56. How to duck multiple sources using a gated send?

02:20:32. Is there a way to open MixConsole 2 and 3 from a key command?

02:21:25. How to see MIDI CCs as lanes and edit them like automation?

02:25:19. Where is the plug-in information window?

02:27:14. Is it possible to install Cubase other than the OS drive?

02:28:20. After installing 3rd party PadShop content do I need to keep the installer?

02:30:21. Is it possible to search for MediaBay in right hand zone with a key command?

02:33:54. Why are notes played from my Novation controller one semitone off?

02:35:15. Does 4 k video work in the Cubase video player?

02:36:26. Why is my credit card not accepted in Steinberg online shop?

02:38:12. Is there a key command to switch focus to upper or lower zone in divided project?

02:40:21. Is it possible for the right zone to be expanded to the right to read more info?

02:41:19. Why does Cubase IC Pro tempo not match with Cubase tempo?

02:43:10. If I upgrade to Cubase Artist do I get Cubase Pro free?

02:44:56. What drums do you avoid when doubling up samples to live drum recordings?

02:48:20. Is there an easy way to select all tracks within a folder?

02:52:41. How to make a Steinberg sample library icons show in MediaBay?

02:53:41. Can you show the option window for MIDI inputs?

02:56:51. How to use autotune in sync rhythm in Cubase?

02:58:14. Any headphone monitors with microphone you could recommend?

03:03:27. How to build a live drum sound avoiding muddiness?

03:06:54. Can one sing over a prepaid multi track using Cubase?

03:08:10. IS the decompose in Backbone different than GrooveAgent and do you think BackBone will be a part of Absolute Collection?

03:08:49 What preferences need to be deleted to get MediaBay tiles to show up?

03:11:24. How to stream the audio of my Yamaha organ to stream through Steinberg interface?

03:14:35. Is there a preference to have more height in lower zone?

03:15:56. Is it possible to add vibrato in VariAudio?

03:17:31. Any ideas when PanDrum may be on promotion?

03:20:40. Can chords created in the key editor appear in the chord track?

03:22:54. What vocal effects come with Cubase?

03:24:48. Why does my FabFilter limiter only show as a post fader plug-in slot?

03:27:37. Does the CC121 mute folder tracks?

03:28:03. Is there a way to use nudge tools on the range between left and right locator?

03:31:22. Is there a preset where we can define default pre settings?

03:33:43. Is there a search function for key commands?

03:34:54. Is it possible to use the VST Amp Rack in VST Connect Performer?

03:37:04. How to set up audio routing for VST Connect remote recording?

03:45:46. How to a new track in an empty folder?

03:47:47. How can I fix my editor screen if it gets too big?

03:50:32. How to import the factory song from a MoXF into Cubase?

03:52:31. Does Cubase run better on Mac or PC? Do Slate or Waves plug-ins cause crashes?

03:54:34. When will there be an Absolute VST promotion?

03:55:17. Wrap up. Stat safe and healthy.

charles camilleri says:

Hi Greg how can I change tempo with Cubase Pro 10

John Ekow Mensah says:

john from ghana

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