July 2 2020 Club Cubase Google Hangout

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Don’t miss our live Club Cubase hangout at the Cubase YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notifications every time we schedule a hangout. In this sessions you can learn tips and tricks about our software. Questions can be submitted in advance to: clubcubase(at)steinberg.de #Live #Hangout #Cubase #Tips #Tricks #Questions

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Cubase says:

00:10:24. Can Cubase achieve an automix function?

00:12:04. How take audio files at different tempos and make them match Groove Agent?

00:16:56. Why do I have problems on get hd audio to transfer using VST Connect?

00:18:21. Why do some Arturia plug-ins that work in Cubase 7.5 not work in Cubase 10.5?

00:20:51. How to easily back up all of my Cubase settings?

00:22:11. Where is the button to import selected tracks on Cubase 10.5?

00:24:27. How do you mix correctly?

00:26:32. How to quickly move an audio waveform to align with another track?

00:29:19. How do I turn Groove Agent into an audio track?

00:32:36. Why is site not taking me to right place when trying to do an update?

00:34:31. Why does Serum seem to knock out my soundcard in Cubase?

00:36:09. Is there a ripple delete feature in Cubase?

00:38:13. What I am gaining in my newly purchased 10.5 update?

00:43:11. How to select more than 8 MixConsole configurations with key commands?

00:44:29. What is the playback trick using locators to skip a portion of a song?

00:46:36. Why is one of my notes bright blue when using chords coloring scheme?

00:49:38. Why are my Mackie and WaveGrid Studio settings not sticking in project?

00:50:54. What parts of the program use elastique algorithms?

00:53:55. Is there a compensation on my recent Cubase Pro purchase with new promotion?

00:55:24. How to keep track info organized notepad or track naming?

00:59:52. How to automate a guitar with pedal?

01:02:28. Does Steinberg have plans to introduce AVB based audio interfaces?

01:04:43. How to automate a virtual wah pedal in Cubase?

01:06:12. Is there a default key command to go to marker 1 and 2?

01:09:35. What is the best way to move a score from Cubase to Dorico?

01:11:15. How to split all tracks at once and remove or add bars?

01:13:22. Does musical mode work to change vocals to different time signatures and musical genres?

01:15:24. Any chance of Steinberg releasing a fix for track visibility support with Eucon?

01:18:15. What is the correct price for my update from Cubase 10 Pro to Cubase Pro 10.5?

01:19:53. Why aren’t newly recorded notes visible in MIDI editor?

01:22:20. Does link options support loading IRs in 3rd party plug-ins?

01:25:20. Where so I find a noise gate in Cubase Pro 10?

01:26:19. Will the older plug-in Reverb A come back?

01:28:07. Is there a way to store MediaBay result pane preferences?

01:30:26. Any tips on setting up Cubase for a looping jam mode for playing VSTis?

01:32:25. How to setup Cubase to broadcast audio via Zoom?

01:34:56. How do I change background colors on editor windows?

01:36:29. Can you tell us what the zero crossing function does?

01:38:15. Can I keep the fade handle in place when resizing events?

01:42:17. Can I get an underwater effect for 1 Khz type of sound?

01:46:05. How to compress backing track when vocals come in?

01:49:35. Why do some events move out of time when activating musical mode in pool?

01:50:46. Can you extract a chord track from a MIDI piano part?

01:52:13. Can you add custom scales in the chord track?

01:54:12. Is it possible to have a specific value set for MIDI CCs on a track?

01:55:45. Are workspaces saved in a user profile?

01:56:48. How to add multiple tracks to a group track at one time?

01:58:57. How to access patches for my Yamaha MoFX8 in MediaBay?

02:01:18. How to change MIDI parts to Dorian or Phrygian mode?

02:04:55. How to have a piano duck based on a vocal?

02:08:05. Any plans to easily switch between inserts and offline processing?

02:10:27. What is Dante?

02:14:47. Why does vocal change pitch and speed when changing bpm?

02:16:34. How to route elements inside Groove Agent to a dedicated audio bus?

02:20:03. Can the time signature change in the middle of a song?

02:21:50. Can anyone share some useful keyboard shortcuts?

02:24:13. How to get rid of HALion Sonic SE tracks after importing a MIDI file?

02:26:13. Is there a way to freeze multiple tracks?

02:29:38. What is Eucon?

02:31:47. Will Cubase IC Pro see improvements?

02:32:24. What is a lcc2 error message related to?

02:34:05. Can I pan MIDI from the piano roll editor?

02:35:23. Can we see multiple audio files at the same time within the sample editor?

02:37:17. Where can I download Cubase?

02:39:52. What notes are in the Japanese scale?

02:41:29. Do group edited MIDI tracks in a folder include adding or deleting notes?

02:46:53. Is it possible to paint the MIDI notes to change only selected MIDI notes?

02:49:30. How would you compare algorithm of VariAudio to Melodyne?

02:52:04. Are there any Cubasis hangouts planned?

02:53:58. Can Cubasis file importer work with Nuendo as well as Cubase?

02:54:24. Why did my bass drum disappear when adding it to a folder track?

02:56:46. Is there a reason why changing the tempo does not change the locators?

02:59:29. Can I buy the USB elicenser from Amazon if buying Cubase elsewhere?

03:00:44. Can you discuss Studio Pass?

03:01:06. Any legal issues using content from Cubase in productions?

03:02:02. How to automatically merge MIDI parts together?

03:05:15. Is it possible to automate zoom in and out with keyboard shortcuts?

03:05:58. When creating a FX track why doesn’t the plug-in open anymore?

03:07:28. How to sync BeatStep Pro with Cubase?

03:09:02. Is there a modifier key to only change velocity of selected notes in key editor?

03:12:27. What is the difference between a update and an upgrade?

03:14:13. Would a developing music producer benefit from going up to Nuendo?

03:18:11. Can you show how to auto increment the colors?

03:20:00. Is there a way to zoom out without the area moving to center of screen?

03:23:16. Does Steinberg offer any dedicate vocal sample packs?

03:24:23. Is there a one key press to zoom to previous state?

03:27:11. Can I copy all effects, settings in GrooveAgent from a 9.5 project to 10.5?

03:30:17. Can I create a 2 bar loop and have it played in a loop while recording linearly?

03:32:56. Does Greg get calls to help with celebrity users like Michael Jackson?

03:35:12. Can the AI knob on a CC121 be used to browse sounds in MediaBay?

03:36:22. Can I send rim shot and snare to different outputs in Groove Agent?

03:38:58. How to get Cubase with dark backgrounds like I see in some Cubase tutorials?

03:41:36. Why is my tempo changing automatically?

03:43:03. Why does range selection change as tempo is changed?

03:47:20. Is there a way to input tempo using a mouse or keyboard key?

03:48:28. Is there a naming scheme when using render in place?

03:50:26. Can you set up a recording input chain?

03:52:19. Wrap up. Stay safe and healthy.

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