ITL #14 – Building a mix

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This week’s “Into The Lair” is a continuation of last week’s, where Dave explains how he starts to build a mix


djjhooks says:

Something very refreshing about seeing a legend like Pensado work, but yet he is so humble. Love this guys vibe!:)

AnonKeys says:

Question, is Dave Pensado using PT 9?

Ah Yeahh says:

Dave you’re the man

KasunPrimalOnline says:

This is Great Dave. But Your talking mic is messing up the sound.. anyway.great piece of lesson ….

Lynden Brain says:

Anyone know the song?

Frederick Walls Jr says:

Great Vid!

Jayn2662 says:

Dave love the show! The information that you are giving is priceless. You are educating the young engineering population and I cant thank you enough Dave. please never stop you are reaching thousands keep it coming. We are learning major things that most would never have the oppurtunity to recieve.

pirell says:

weve been crying out for this for ages… not just scanty 3 minute files from people. some have been helpful too but you guys rock. many thanks.. 

TheVisitor3 says:

Thanx Dave the show is amazing!! I learned a lot!!

cmaughan2000 says:

really good stuff, is it me or is there a fan above his head?

bolbeatz says:

hey dave love your videos, I was woundering is there any way you can give your viewers some raw tracks so we can practice mixing. im even willing to pay . thanks for reading

iamRhythmalism says:

Is there a download link for all the Pensado’s Place videos? This show is so good I wanna burn it onto dvd. Can I?

OpenDoerr says:

“It seems to work out where a few million people want to buy it.” Brilliant.

tinktwiceman says:

Dave, Master Yoda of mixing! I can’t wait to see the new episodes coming soon. Your a champ! Could you do more videos on vocal mixing or effects. Your vocals always sound so crisp. Thanks once again Dave!

BeatFreakDJs says:

I’ve just watched all of the episodes two times.. xD
I’m hooked. 🙂
Dave, you are genius! 🙂
Thank you..

dmoates420 says:

Pensado’s Place is the best thing that ever happened to YouTube! Thanks alot guys!

TheExplodingBit says:

Love this show.

danilo26972 says:

genius Dave!!!

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