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Cubase 10.5 is the most advanced music production software yet from Steinberg, a high quality DAW which can justifiably claim to be the best digital audio workstation for professional and home recording. Featuring major workflow improvements and many significant improvements from previous versions of Cubase, this music recording software brings the best workflow and most advanced music production to the worlds of Mac and Windows PC recording for the home studio and professional facility. For the best recording studio experience and mixing software, you need look no further than Cubase 10.5 and Cubase Pro 10.5.

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Arnaldo Capo says:

You can't tell this is fake because no one in the right mind will use that apple keyboard with that setup

Playlist666 says:

Nice video but “video export” comes with fix 1920×1080 resolution and is only available in Windows 8 or 10. If you don’t have a massive internet connection you will still need a video converter. Sorry for the spoiler.

Christiaan Bezuidenhout says:

Still no "Ascending" or "incrementing" Channel inputs when adding multiple inputs for recording multi-track. (I know you can select them all afterwards and shift select the last, which does that, but that's a long work around).

Christiaan Bezuidenhout says:

Still no "Ascending" or "incrementing" Channel inputs when adding multiple inputs for recording multi-track. (I know you can select them all afterwards and shift select the last, which does that, but that's a long work around).

Rob says:

I have elements. So.. yea.

Louis Toteda says:

Not to happy about this

Louis Toteda says:

How about adding some VST instruments

Lewis Alexander says:

Let's cut to the chase shall we? Have you at Steinberg managed to provide accessibility requirements for blind users? A critical example being that of screen reader support for MacOS X and VoiceOver, also windows based third party screen reader technologies? I would hope so as we (collectively as a nation of blind musicians, producers, students, etc) have asked time and time again for your support in making Cubase accessible to blind users. Could you kindly tell me if this has been achieved or not? I do not wish towaste valuable funds on software I cannot refund through a dealer because it is unfit for use due to screen reader incompatibility / little or no functionality at all and it is time that this issue is addressed. You have direct competition from AVID and Apple who I rely on and have developed and supported as a specialist, so both Protools / Protools HD and Apple's Logic Pro X DAWs are blind friendly. Are you aware that your products are used in educational establishments for training? of course you are…

Are you aware that within "Mainstream education", there are blind and severely visually impaired users who are discriminated against within Music Education Studies because your software cannot work with screen readers and has not for many years? Do you know what it feels like when doing a Degree in Music or Music Production / Sound Engineering, to be told that you have to use "Steinberg Cubase Software" or fail a module? Luckily the Disability Discrimination Act within Education forbids that, but it means that you have to self study with either Protools or Logic and be isolated from the rest of the class or course because a large part of a course concentrates on your products? This isn't just in the UK this is worldwide.

I am worn out of asking by email, messages, phone calls, etc asking your company to resolve these issues. You're not the only company, but what you should be aware of is this… Mr. Charles Steinberg's father was blind. The corner stone of your development is in improving the way people use your software. The only versions of cubase which were reasonably accessible were Cubase Lite for 68k classic macintosh such as the apple Classic using serial midi, etc up to Cubase VST 5 Score / VST 5/32 with the PowerPC based Macs (G3 B/W / iMac, etc under MacOS 9.2 and OutSPOKEN 9.2.4).

I'm asking you on behalf of many thousands of blind musicians, students, producers, engineers, etc worldwide, PLEASE concentrate on making your products such as Cubase and Nuendo accessible to the blind, such as full compatibility with VoiceOver for MacOS X, etc to make a huge difference to the way we work, etc. I'd love to use your software, I listen to your product demos with envy and then realise I can't move to your platform because no efforts have been made. The same goes to MOTU, makers of Digital Performer, Propellorhead, makers of Reason, etc. You're not the only one to be embarrassed by this issue. I'm sorry if I offend with this comment but you concentrate on what every sighted person wants, you don't see what we need? maybe a dose of being blindfolded in your offices for a full week, intensive mobility training, retrospective training in screen reader usage and understanding of braille would help, removing you from your cars, etc so you truly see what we go through every day, perhaps that could help your company understand?

Ivan Chernikov says:

эпично! перехожу!

Adarkjet says:

Cubase 10.5 keeps crashing when I delete a track. And how come when it reopens, it doesn't give me the option of going back to where I was. Logic and Ableton have this feature…?! Very disappointing.

Dallon Ghan says:

Still no clip based recording? Meh……. Not a very significant update.

tymantis says:

Being able to use Cubase 10.5 without a dongle would be a nice feature to implement. The eLicenser Control Center app is a pain in the ass to use. Why does Steinberg make it such a hassle to use their software? The amount of hassle that I've dealt with so far makes Cubase seem less appealing. It shouldn’t be a struggle to use an app that I paid for.

Morgan says:

I don't see how this update is worth the cost. Yes, there are a couple welcome improvements – but they are super minor things (and frankly should have already been included in v10 to begin with). I'm a Cubase user now for 15 years, but as soon as Bitwig has proper routing and side chaining…I'm probably jumping ship. Cubase needs to modernize itself badly (give me things like built in lfo modulators and effect chains). For crying out loud, Cubase doesn't even have a proper sampler. I love you so much Cubase, but I'm just about out of patience.

Nullll1111 says:

Cubase just became Studio One.

Zahari Shtonov says:

That's a great new upgrade, but why restrict OS X users to not being able to use Cubase 10.5 unless running at least Mojave?…

2143 says:

Funny how 10.5 has more noticeable features and improvements than 10… for me at least !

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