Intermediate Pro Tools Tutorial: Part 3: Importing Audio

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In this clip, producer, engineer & songwriter Aaron Sternke demonstrates how to import existing audio into a Pro Tools session.


brookscsea says:

a motown honeycone hit

jackhoodle says:

and about 4 “lolcatsdotcom”

robin metze says:

just starting PROTOOLS interesting program..

stibo4ever says:

no can i also import mp3 file’s to pro tools 8, like a beat or a sample ??

colico14 says:

Not Important. Pay attention! :)

acecartwrightnwade says:

Lolcats wtf

Nokkata says:

Anyone else notice the several “i-can-haz-cheezburger.jpg” files on his desktop when he goes to import the audio? 😀

TheProgmagog says:

If you have a digidesign interface that PT cant locate it could be a bad connection of course, but its likely the order in which things are turned on. This is really important. Midi and controllers first, audio interface second, computer third. Otherwise PT might not make the proper connections.

djveto says:

Did you try to check if 48v phantom power was on? If it is a condenser microphone it would not work without that button/switch being engaged. That or a bad cable good luck

R3V3LAT10N5 says:

my mic use 2 work but now it dosnt any more! anyone know why? please. I have m-box!i cant hear anything in my head phones or anything! not making any kind of sound waves just straight line

bhuber77 says:

he said, “nice big box” ha

BenetFleck says:

i like the box of kleenex

A7XGatesVengeance says:

When i turn on Pro Tools LE it says cannot detect Digidesign Hardware whats that?

Daniel Springer says:

Great video

sonicboyPT says:

This is were Ableton really stands out from protools and the rest… The interface, warping engine, quantization, session view, clip envelopes, simpler, iimpulse etc.

cuzzins4life says:

yep unless u get pro tools mpowered

quante32 says:

do u need an inbox for pro tools?

Alex Rossi says:

hey bro thanks for your help….great

scoopdeloops says:

Do those loops come with pro tools?

ElAlexxis says:

you do an exellent job!

djpangean says:


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