Indie Music Marketing, Infiltrate Colleges, Fan Merch Strategies & Spotify Hacks [Ruslan Interview]

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Music marketing, branding and business strategy to grow your fanbase and control your career.


BrandMan says:

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Promise Shepherd says:

@brandmansean it's on android now! We did a beta and it's running smooth now!

Lionel Brown says:

Around 8:40 you guys mention dropping a single then transfer that single to an album and keeping the streams. Can anyone link me to a video touching more on that topic?

Miillie Mesh says:

Appreciate this interview!

Tray Little says:

I know I’m commenting a lot but man this interview is so good because it’s so personal and honest. Also very practical and insightful.

Tray Little says:

I’m not even halfway into the interview and this is so good! Thank you for interviewing Ruslan!

Tray Little says:

When he mention pre-orders are he talking I tune pre-orders?

Heartbreak Boy says:

If anyone needs to learn how to mix vocals, check out my channel !!!

kylebw1 says:

Sweet interview! Something that doesn’t get talked about much is putting together a yearly, weekly, daily strategy. Getting into organization as a musician entrepreneur. Blocking out times and how to manage time. Would be interesting if you talked about that with an artist or manager in an interview. I just began my process of blocking out my day and releases over the year. So I’m curious how others do it.

Dylan Emmet says:

This was amazing guys. You both are going to be huge

Monte Kutin says:

Ruslan, an ex-atheist. Wow. You're blessed bro!

Sacred Music Tribe says:

I love Rusland and brand Man U are super dope too bro bro love y’all keep it up ima christin rapper too shalom

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