How to write music in Cubase [Easy Tutorial]

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How to write music in Cubase [Easy Tutorial]


Nathanael Platier says:

Man coming back to this my voice sure has changed a lot since I started. Thanks for the views and stuff.

Subhash Marathe says:

very nicely explained. You area very good teacher too. Please tell me how to import/add external things like Kontakt 5 to MIDI Library. Thanks.

santhosh samuel says:

Could you please tell ,how to connect studio condenser mic to cubcase .When connect it's not working but dynamic microphone ok


I like the way of
your teaching. It's really helped
me a lot. Thank you very much Sir.

Anwar Riyah says:

I need your help! I newly started using the CUBASE SX2 H2O a warezed version which is kinda free with a 75mb file size.Actually an unusuall issue is poped up 🙁 I need to know how to set the values and parameter to default setting.The problem is whatever change I make in the programme it remains the same even without saving the file,for example If I change the effect parameters or the rec grid value or replace the cursor with an ereaser even if I scroll down the zoom bar & close the programme without saving the project & when I open a new project window so it opens with the same settings which I have done previously and the damn zoom bar will be down there.I even uninstalled it & deleted all the associate files from windows and reinstalled the software just in order to have the standard default settings but it did'nt work & my changes were still there.Now I as I have made lots of changes with the parameters so I m unable to start a new project.I have searched alot on the web to find a solution but I failed to resolve this issue.The only result I got was regarding a PREFERENCE RESET SETTINGS which has nothing to do with my issue.Looking forward for your help.Thank you in anticipation.Regards

Ken m says:

Thanks for the help. Better then stienburg

Mohammed Adnan says:

Man you are the best among Millions of people thanx a lot

Azeem Khwaja says:

bro help me pls , waiting for your reply

MrMurphyum says:

Can you record own instrument plugged to the pc with this prg? Like guitar?

Tatezaray - The Mightiest Swordsman says:

I've always like listening to OSTs and I thought I want to make my own so I decided to download cubase because when I tried FL I was so confused, because Im a newbie and I know nothing about music, let alone making the music itself… so is there a tutorial where I could learn the basics coz the only thing I did was listen.

Arcanum Order says:

Thank you for this!
Still the best tutorial out there, subscribed!

NeverStoppedSinging says:

thank you thank you thank you thank youuu !

Eugene Kim says:

This is the best Cubase tutorial i have ever seen in YouTube. thanks!

Tuomas Maja says:

Usefull, 5/5

love you india says:

Y not work cubes my pc window10

林亭歡 says:

Oh my god, you are such a good teacher!

Jo the Handyman says:

Compliments,.. good intro. Can I export as score as well?

ABDU official says:

Hail you bro!!

Perez Laimin says:

good teacher I like you teach

Perez Laimin says:

what version cubase you use

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