How To Write Chord Progressions – Songwriting Basics [Music Theory- Diatonic Chords]

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01:09- Forming Diatonic Chords in C
02:40- 3 rules for writing chords
05:55- Quick example in G (with split measure)
08:25- General chord writing advice
11:03- The next steps from here

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TransformerTurtle says:

Awesome Awesome tutorials in your channel. You're a great teacher. Super straight forward for anyone who has a tiny grasp in music theory (your mode video is fantastic) YOU DESERVE MORE VIEWS

Jesses Phillips says:

Thank you for pull me out of the darkness

Kish Fox says:

I've watched a LOT of videos on composition and music theory the last few months, trying to brush up on it… and I have to say, I've not had anywhere near as much inspiration and help getting things back as I have watching you. Thank you!

Mtaalas says:

It's good advice for complete beginner (I started there too), but if you write music chords first, it'll sound like you did… boring and unoriginal and the melody is going to sound like it was made after the fact… just as boring and unoriginal and non rememberable.

Write your melody first, and make everything else a slave to your melodies and you'll be writing stuff that's unforgettable and original… i guarantee that.

Steven says:

you deserve like 50x more views and subscribers, this is really good & helpful stuff

Наталія Базь says:

As far as I understand, this music is not 4 bars long, but 4n + 1. Or 4n, but the very last bar must be I, not IV or V. Right?

RKTologist says:

great channel, just what i needed

ChromeZone says:

Great Music Lesson, Thank you

Joe Arnette says:

Please do a video on secondary dominants and borrowed chords. I would really enjoy that. Also, you are an incredible teacher. Thank you so much.

DisplayName says:

Are the rules the same when playing in minor keys?

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