How to Write a Song Using Basic Music Theory 1

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This lesson is recommended for those who are already familiar with basic music theory. You should know about basic chords, key signatures, and how to read the treble clef and bass clef.
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The most important aspects of this lesson are understanding whether to use major (happy) or minor (sad) chords. The different options of how to turn chords into a bass clef part are also covered. Melodic concepts are also reviewed including the use of chord tones as well as altering a melody to change its sound.


Alexander Heinz says:

I'm a percussionist so I know rhythms and rudiments very well but as far as what notes on a staf mean I know nothing. When you show me a staff with notes on multiple bars my mind immediately goes to drum set music which also does not help on learning how to write music. what I'm trying to ask here is where should I start if I want to learn music.

Nek Adven says:

Thank you so much!!! The information in the video was VERY useful!!!! But I have one question: What app did you use for writing the song??

Carolyn Do says:

Great, thank you so much

Ethnie Hales says:

I’ve written a song do you know how I can write music that goes with it?

Ethan Sellers says:

Mr Mcmullen loves your vids. Keep making your videos!!!!!

Duolan Brown says:

Great lesson. That's very encouraging. Do you have more writing song lessons step by step?

Adria Taylor says:

Awesome!! When I learn piano and can write my own music, i am going to write a piece dedicated to Trans-Siberian Orchestra Paul O' Neill & David Z. But the piece will be that kind of a piece that won't have a song title to it. And the video will be a very Trans-Siberian Orchestra-esque styled inspired video, but still being my own original written piece.

maxmagnus777 says:

TY for the video. It all makes much more sense to me now. You are great 😀

Sharonica Smallwood says:

Great video!!!

chris T says:

what software are you using

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