HOW TO WRITE A SONG: Tip #1 Start With a Title

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Songwriting 101 with Robin Frederick: Watch these step-by-step videos and learn how to write memorable songs that listeners will love. Use your song title as your guide, then develop your lyric and melody. The videos are based on my songwriting books and eBooks. Check them out at

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1. A great way to get your song started:
2. How to write a memorable song title:
3. Build a lyric on your title by asking questions:
4. Follow a “song path” for an unforgettable journey:
5. Images can bring your lyric to life:
6. Use the melody that lives in your lyric.

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RanBy Bangtan says:

How's "Dont Forget" for a title?

Leeann Apolinares says:

List titles of your favorite songs? Ok, I don't know my name, Light the sky, Beautiful thing, Clay, etc etc……

Bridget Massey says:

great advice i'm trying to write a song and seeing if it would be a sucess

Muhammad Shafi says:

You are great. Hi i am from india

Owen Hinojo says:

I thought the beat place to start

1d 1d 1d 1d says:

this was not helpful at aaaaaaaallll

Dipendra Singh says:

Tq for this video

Taylor Swift Daily says:

Taylor's song "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" have 7 words šŸ™‚

AvaLooLoo 89 says:

Tip #2 Download Voice Recorder

Pinhead Larry324 says:

Q:me and my two bffs are starting a band, Iā€™m the writer so, is fight like girls a good title or should I change it to fight like us girls????
(Ps this helps a lot Iā€™m just asking bc I dunno what sounds better)

cutememaymacyn says:

My song is last one

Nicole Agee says:

omg thank you

Alanna M says:

Thankyou this helped me so much I written a song and all my friends and family love my rap song coast I been rapping for years and I am 11

AgentCrazy says:

What about rhythm? That's a good thing to start with.

Nickolas Walcott says:

hi I Need Help Like Joining My Lyrics For It To Make Sence

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